Bra review: Ewa Michalak FB Tęczowe

eng_pm_Bra-FB-Teczowe-723_1 I was really excited when Ewa Michalak new FB bras finally came out. I’m currently sized out of the BM, which had been my favourite out of all the EM bra shapes I’ve tried so far, as I have a strong preference for unpadded bras. I’ve also been longing for a manufacturer to tackle the very large cups segment for quite some times now. I guess Ewa Michalak has tackled this segment AND the plus size segment all at once, since the impressive size range goes from a 70L all the way to a 140G!  So here are my thoughts after taking this baby on a test drive: Sizing Ewa Michalak’s website states that the band of the FB is firm to cope with heavy breasts and that the cups are more generous than in her padded styles. I found that to be true and I would suggest to go for the larger band if you’re between band sizes and if you know your PL or S style size to go for two cups smaller. The sizing help on the website has been criticised as inaccurate in the past, but I find it to work much better with the FB than with padded styles. If you use the calculator, please note this instruction that I missed the first time I used it: “If your breasts resemble UU or OO when you bend down, you might need a cup or two more than the calculator gave you, because you’ve got full breasts.” If in doubt, you can always write to Ewa Michalak and ask for advice. Measurements clearly don’t tell the whole story and she was very helpful in guiding me to figure out my proper size. Construction I’m super impressed with the construction. The reinforced fabric offers firm support. The vertical seams provides a nice uplift. The stretch lace on top conforms to the shape of the breast and a clever mesh panel hidden under the lace keeps the bust softly in place. The result is a great shape and all around comfort. In short, this bra is a nice little piece of engineering! The bra description states: “it is possible that the center gore will not touch the sternum” and indeed the gore didn’t tack on me. It started up pretty close and ended up slightly lifted at the end of a long and active day, without readjusting on my part. Still a pretty good performance and I suspect it could be improved by sizing up. Bear in mind that I never get a strong tack and only get a soft tack in a few select bras. All the while, the wire staid firmly anchored at my intra-mammary fold. Styling You may have noticed that the bra is fuller coverage than other EM offerings. I still find that I have no problem wearing a V neck or scoop neck with it. However, it might prove trickier with tank tops, as the armhole comes up pretty high. The wire doesn’t come high under the arm though, so fear not, you won’t get stabbed. There is no wire at the part near my thumb on the picture. FullSizeRender-4 As far as the print goes, I wish it was an abstract rather than a floral, but I like the bright cheerful colour. FB is also a available in an animal print. Not my thing, but I know there are fans and in a plain beige version – not an option for me as a Black woman- which might be practical as a nude for some of you. While the bright colours of the FB Tęczowe look great against my skin, they’re quite visible under thin tops… But a plain black FB is in the works for the next collection. I will DEFINITELY be buying this. I know that the price point is quite a bit higher than other Polish and British full bust bras out there (but on par with the French bras I used to buy as a teen), but for me it is worth it considering the engineering that went into the design even if it means I have to pass on a few sets I had my eyes on.   Disclaimer: this bra was given to me free of charge. All thoughts are my own.

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10 Responses to Bra review: Ewa Michalak FB Tęczowe

  1. Janice West says:

    Great review-I have learnt so much from you. What is the shape like under clothes?

  2. Awesome review! I have been avidly reading about this size expansion because we have some customers sized out of UK brands in need of an alternative. From what I’ve read, this has some potential for sure! I’ve become a lot more understanding of higher priced bras and think what they charge is totally fair. There’s a lot of time and engineering to go into designing a new bra, and in my experience here at the shop, the higher quality ones are more popular anyway.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hello, first of all, excuse me for my english, but i’m french…
    I suffer from gigantomastia, and theoretically I should wear a size U that does not exist, I know that. I try a size N, 48 or 50 even if I do a 40, but I have no choice because I have to go support my chest at my waist.
    Do you know if there is a company that offers this size? thank you very much for your help and for your site !!

  4. Tiffany says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I was after reading this article and going to check out the Ewa site. I’ve been sized out of UK brands for a while now as a 36M. I’ve been told that I could get one custom built from EM, but after emailing them, that couldn’t be done. Now I see my size on the drop down menu for these FB bra and I’m so excited! As soon as I come up with the funds, I’ll be purchasing this bra myself! 🙂

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