There’s something about Sacha Kimmes

“Lingerie is always a good idea.”

Sacha Kimmes says so and who am I to disagree? I’ve been a fan of her designs for years, so I was beyond excited when she had a sale in Paris earlier this month. The setting was on point too, since the sale took place in Hôtel Amour. I can’t think of a better place for Sasha’s pretty knickers, bralettes and skirts…


What’s beyond that door? I have no idea, but I passed it on my way to the sale.



Now what’s beyond that door is a dream come true for any lingerista with a thing for lace, bows and top notch design.

And Sacha’s scrumptious underpinnings were indeed right at home in this cinematic atmosphere.

I’ve longed for a pair of Joan knickers forever, but I ended up getting a Sabrina open back brief as I fell under the spell of their beautiful lace detail, and it’s a limited edition. I am somewhat obsessed with ouvert knickers, but they have to be the right pair. Not something overtly sexy and not something uncomfortable, but something truly special and unique.  Actually, as someone who hates G-string thongs, I feel like my Sabrina is the exact opposite of an industrial thong:

IHAWP_Joan005_large.jpgpetitchat_04_compact.jpgJoan vs Sabrina (courtesy of

  • They’re not practical. You don’t throw them under a pair of skinny jeans and expect them to disappear.
  • They command attention with a dramatic design.
  • Although they’re not made with just function in mind, they’re extremely comfy, thanks to the high quality material and well thought cut.
  • They’re original rather than cheeky. Sure, there is a lot of skin exposed, but I love how demure the big bow looks.
  • They’re handmade and make me feel really special when wearing them.


Here’s my precious up close and personal.

How delightful is that?

Wearing an usual bra size can get frustrating, as you sometimes end up getting “what works” or worse “what’s available”, as opposed to what makes your heart sing. Since I’m lucky enough to fit in most size ranges when it comes to knickers, I find it really uplifting to buy something I truly appreciate in this area. A few months ago, Sacha has expanded her range to include XXS and XXL. I found her size guide to be pretty accurate, although there is some leeway to size up or down depending on your preferences. Since the items are made to order, you can also have them made to measure.


“Lingerie is always a good idea.”

That bears repeating!


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6 Responses to There’s something about Sacha Kimmes

  1. tomg1992 says:

    But… thongs are amazing!

  2. You’re lucky to grab that Sabrina. I think its much sexier than the Joan.

  3. Sacha says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article, I didn’t find it until now but it just really really warmed my heart to read it! ❤

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