New K cup sports bras!

I’ve posted before about sports bras in H+ cup and noted that at the very extreme of that range, there were only 3 models available: Freya’s, Royce’s and Bravissimo’s, which was discontinued for a while. Not only Bravissimo has recently relaunched their Inspire Sports bra, which used to come up small in a revamped model with more generous sizing, but Elomi has very quietly expanded the size range of they Energise sports bra up to a K cup.energise

Now that particular sports bra is quite generous in size already, meaning you could get away with a J cup if you were a JJ. It is also known to be comfy, supportive and features a J hook to turn it into a racer back, all three things which led me to give it a go and sister size. I’m glad I did because it gives me the best uplift and completely changes my shape, creating the illusion of a perky full on bottom bust. Still, I’m even more excited at the perspective of trying it in a better fitting size! Of course, I’ll report once I get my hands on it!

Bravissimo Inspire is available in 30-38 F-K on the Bravissimo website.

Elomi Energise new JJ and K cup are available on ebay from Belle Lingerie and on Amazon.

Time to hit the gym!

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  1. darci says:

    Thanks for the great news!

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