Latest wish lish

In 2016, I want all the pretty things.

  • I raved about Ewa Michalak’s FB bra, but the one I got has a very colourful print, not the most discreet under thin clothes. Now, they are available in plain black  and the FB Becky will be mine!
  • Ever since I saw a pic of Blue Reign’s designer in her Dynasty set and realised custom sizes of her designs worked in a larger cup size, I’ve been obsessed with getting my own. Check out her Instagram!
  • Panache’s beautiful Georgia proved quite difficult to source in my size (I can feel a rant coming). SS16 colourway is so cute and fresh I’ll make sure to not let it get away.

Who am I kidding? I want other stuff too. But if I can get those in 2016, that will be a good start!


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4 Responses to Latest wish lish

  1. WideCurves says:

    I tried a Torrid bralet, and it did work surprisingly well!

  2. astrid says:

    Thanks! I kind of want them all!

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