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Freya active sports bra: K cup review

So, I finally had a chance to take my Freya Active Underwired Sports bra on a test drive. This bra has recently been made available up to a K cup. Thank you, Freya! It ended up having two issues for … Continue reading

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Dressing tips for a top-heavy figure – Faking the dress

I’ve noticed that a lot of the busty bloggers that I love have an hourglass figure. That means that some of their clothing suggestions don’t work for me and, I guess, for others like me. I’d described myself as a … Continue reading

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Cleo by Panache: petition for size expansion

Just saw this on Bratabase and had to share with my readers, as it resonates with my Dear Panache post!

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Big boobs are a disease?

Bratabase is an awesome ressource about bras. Recently, they’ve added a few features including “Bra adventures”, which allow members to have discussions threads similar to those of an Internet forum. One such thread brought my attention to 007b and their breast galleries… More … Continue reading

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