Brand spotlight: Curvy Kate

Last weekend, lingerie professionals from all over the world gathered in Paris for Salon International de la Lingerie (SIL), a huge lingerie and swimwear trade show. With 450 exhibiting brands and 15,000+ buyers, it is of course very business orientated and some brands might not have the time to chat with a blogger. Still, it’s a great occasion to see the pretty things on a runway, to spot some cool indie designers and to get a sense of what’s in store for next season.

I popped in Curvy Kate stand with particular interest, as it is a brand I had initially ruled out and am now getting really excited about. In the past couple of years, I have heard great things about Curvy Kate new designs and how it might be a better fit for us, H+ cup girls. I finally took advantage of the summer sales to order the Bardot and Madagascar.


And the Madagascar was a great fit! I felt secure and comfy and the gore actually tacked, which is a big deal for me. Since I’m very close-set with a lot of centre fullness, this is very rarely the case. I credit the lowish gore for this. The cups themselves are less coverage than the bras I usually wear and this fits like a true balconette and is very open on top, so no  quadboob in sight, yay! The Bardot was not as good a fit as the gore is quite a bit taller. Still, I can’t get over the fact that it was the first time I got to try a completely sheer bra! H+ cup bras are usually plagued with the “additional lining for support”, which totally ruins the effect. Not this one. It’s perfectly sheer up to a K cup and I love it for it!

So what does Curvy Kate have in store for AW15? The big story is the Daily Dream, which will replace the Daily Boost. It will only come in black and biscotti.

curvy-kate-daily-dream-black-bra-CK4501-thong-CK4502-pfTo follow up on a recent post, I’ve learned that the Daily Boost in Mocha had been discontinued because it didn’t sell as much as expected. Anyway, the Daily Dream boasts a new uplift technology, and I’m dying to put it to the test of a K cup!

I’m also happy to see that both Madagascar and Bardot are back in new colourways.


Now autumn-winter is not usually focused on swimwear and I’ve never tried a Curvy Kate bikini or tankini, but I’ve always heard good things about Curvy Kate swimwear. Plus, I just received my first Flirtelle bikini and from what I know they’re cut the same.  It’s the first time I’ve tried a padded bikini and it seems comfy and doesn’t add bulk, which was my fear. We’ll see how it fares once in the water. Anyway, the nautically inspired Plain sailing collection by Curvy Kate is just too cute not too share.



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5 Responses to Brand spotlight: Curvy Kate

  1. Lee Rivers says:

    Dita is like Bardot, but a plunge. I’m not sure it’s open enough on top or accommodates close-set breasts well, but the gore is definitely low and the cups were pretty deep in a smaller cup size. Let me know if you try it or have done so- I want someone to say CK has done what Freya insists they can’t (make a GG+ all-over sheer bra that works for people)!

    • astrid says:

      I’d love to try Dita, but I would have to sister size as it only goes up to a J cup. I’ve tried a CK plunge about a year ago and it wasn’t bad for a sister size… Mmm I’ll let you know if I get a chance to give it a go, but Bardot is definitely proof that sheer bras can work in the largest cups. It wasn’t the perfect fit for me but I’m closer set than most people even in my size range. I love the Berry/Copper version of the Bardot for SS16. They’re also bringing out another sheer plunge, the Cabaret!

      • Lee Rivers says:

        I too am looking forward to the Berry/Copper colors! I may try the Bardot when the fall red embroidery comes out. I think Cabaret is the successor to Dita. I guess people are tired of metallic embroidery for a bit?

  2. I am so disappointed the sales for these mid-tone skin tone options are low. Wacoal has recently cut more of its cappuccino offerings, and I hate it! We need to start some kind of awareness campaign to get more colors like CK’s Mocha into mainstream buying habits.

    Also, I totally agree with Lee that CK has definitely shown Freya they can do sheer bras, even sheer plunges in higher cups. Of course, I think Freya is resting on its laurels, and while CK and I don’t always get along shape-wise, I have to give them credit for constantly trying new things!

    • astrid says:

      Curvy Kate told me that the Mocha colourway sold decently, but just not as much as they expected. The Daily dream won’t be available in white either, so I guess they want to focus on a smaller best selling range for now, which I understand. I also wonder if the Mocha daily boost didn’t sell well with customers or with retailers. I only ever saw it in my size on brastop. Militant retailers like yourself play a huge role!
      And yes, I also credit Curvy Kate with trying new things. The brand has definitely been growing on me lately.

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