Angelina bra by Louise Ferdinand lingerie

Not too long ago, I mentionned how bras by independant designer Louise Ferdinand were now available up to a KK. So after emailing Louise Ferdinand to figure out sizing, I ended up ordering the gorgeous Angelina set. Sandra Palmer, the creator of Louise Ferdinand lingerie, was adding to the range at the moment I ordered the set and kindly offered to send me a matching suspender belt. The set arrived a week ago and I’m very happy with my purchase. Considering that the larger cups (J+) have been around for a very little time, I’m quite impressed with how right she got it. The customer service was also stellar: Sandra answered all my questions, sent me an email once the package was on its way to my home and checked with me that it reached me safely.

The set arrived in a beautiful white box, with a black bow. Nice packaging is always a plus!

Now, the first that drew me to the Angelina set is the styling. There are now a lot of pretty bras available in larger cups sizes, but you don’t see a lot of bras with this look: simple yet classy. Anyway, I’m happy to report that the Angelina is every bit as elegant in real life as in the pictures. The cups are made of black taffetas with a black satin neckline and the bra features three light yellow bows, one on the center gore and one at the base of each strap. The fabric is extremely lightweight, perfect for the recent heatwave!

As for the fit, the deep two parts seamed cups give a cute pointy look. I know some people favour a very round look. In this case, this is not the bra for you. But if, like me, you like the retro touch, go ahead and order this one! The center gore is lower than in a typical “large cup balconette”, but the bra comes up quite high on the sides and front, so that I feel very secure in it. The result is a pretty V neck like neckline with no quad boob or breast escaping in sight. I think this shape is great if you have close-set boobs which don’t agree with a higher center gore, but find that your breasts fall out of plunge bras. In any case, I’ll be able to wear my Angelina with low cut tops.

The one thing I was disapointed about is the band size. It comes out very big. I usually wear a 34, sometimes a 32 and I got a 34 band this time, which I had to shorten as it was riding up my back in the tightest setting. I would definitely advice to size down in the band, especially, but not only, if you are between sizes. There are only two sets of three hook and eye closures, so you want to get the right size! I think that three sets would provide the bra with more longevity and I sure want to wear it for a long time.

I happened to receive a Freya Ellie bra on the very same day, which I’ve used it for comparison. You can see how the center gore is lower than on the Ellie (which is already lower than most Freya balconettes) and the band is longer (both bras are 34).


The matching brief is perfectly comfy and true to size. I didn’t have a chance to wear the suspenders on a test drive as it is way too hot to wear tights at the moment, but they fit well and make a nice addition to the set. It features 4 straps and 3 sets of 7 hooks and eyes closures.


Finally, how cute is Louise Ferdinand lingerie logo?



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10 Responses to Angelina bra by Louise Ferdinand lingerie

  1. June says:

    Oh, glad to hear that it worked out for you! So what size did you end up going for in terms of the cups? How would you recommend the sizes compare to other bras?

    • astrid says:

      I would say the cups are slightly generous, but that might be just because they are so much deeper than my usual Panache and Bravissimo. I’ve been wearing the bra while bloated and there is no hint of a bulge even on my larger side. I got a 34KK and I will order a 32KK in the future. Definitely size down in the band, but only size down in the cup if you are in between sizes.

  2. Darlene says:

    I’m so excited that you’ve tried this brand, especially since I learned in February that lower center gores are better for me. I love “simple yet classy”.

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  4. xelestial says:

    So how did this set hold up over time?

    • astrid says:

      I still wear it on occasion, now wearing the bra the tightest hook, not bad considering I’ve had it for a year and a half! I do consider it “special occasion” though, so it didn’t go through as much wear and tear as some other sets. I’m impressed that the straps haven’t stretched, given that I adjust them quite tight. The suspender is still my favourite and get worn with other sets since it is easy to match. Sadly, the brief didn’t fare as well. I think I washed it a bit too enthusistically, which removed some stitching. And I’m useless when it comes to sewing.

      • xelestial says:

        Thanks for the info. It’s just weird because the only other LF review I know of is on Bratabase and the reviewer said the back stretched to like 44 inches (think it was like a 30 back) and that it was poor quality so I’m hung up on if I should try it or not.

      • astrid says:

        The band was initially too big, as I mentioned in the post and as you can see from the picture. I got my seamstress to shorten it. The designer told me she had taken the feedback into account and she would make the bands shorter from now on. Georgina at FFFB also reviewed a Louise Ferdinand set (with pics) a few months ago:

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