Louise Ferdinand new pricing structure

Louise Ferdinand is one rare specie: a full-bust brand that goes up to a KK cup, with an esthetique, I would actually be drawn to regardless of their size range. Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit above my budget and since I’ve found options that fit me better, I usually settle for these even when I’m not crazy about the styling (Floris, anyone?).

Recently, Louise Ferdinand has introduced a New Season pricing structure, making the SS14 models more affordable and damn this collection is GORGEOUS!



is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen available in my size, not to mention a true plunge. And, yes, at 55.95£, it is still not cheap, but it’s already quite a nice effort for an independant designer. And I’m obsessessed and it shall be mine!

Besides Uma, the new season features Edie and Jessica. Ali, Audrey, Britannia Angelina, Marlene and Dolcie are also available at the same price.

I’ve reviewed Angelina.

Georgina from FFFB has reviewed a special made “Kitty” set.


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1 Response to Louise Ferdinand new pricing structure

  1. xelestial says:

    I am going to have to check one if these out soon. I feel you on the styling. I would never willingly buy most of my bras if I had a choice and that’s sad.

    Hopefully I can justify buying one by summer. Does she do returns?

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