Panache Olivia bra review

I first noticed Oliva almost a year ago, long before it came out, when Viksen, the soon to be closed down best lingerie shop in town hosted an event for her good clients to discuss the what was coming up for SS2015. There she was in the Panache catalogue: a new K cup offering from the brand. That was intriguing. Fast forward a few months and I read that Olivia was modeled after the Floris. I love the fit of the Floris – it is the closest thing Panache has made to a K cup Cleo bra with a three hook and eyes band – but I also quite dislike the style, especially the first few colourways that came out. Based on the bra name, I’m not holding my breath for it too come in anything but a floral print. Anyway, after that revelation, I made it my mission in life to get my hands on Olivia.

The first colourway, named Apricot, is a soft ballet pink with warm undertones. It is the colour of pointe shoes and sweet sweet dreams.


It is a colour that could work as a nude on some light skintones, without looking like a silly afterthought on others. Anyway, if you want something bolder, Olivia is coming back in teal next season.

As for the fit and comfort, I can see the fit similarities with Floris, but the comfort is vastly superior. I actually think of this bra as the lovechild of Floris and Envy. The fabric is somewhat stretchy and adapts to the breast shape, but it is firmer and more supportive than in the Envy. It is also incredibly soft. I would guess that it is not quite as deep as Floris, but way more so than Envy…. Mmm I might have to a proper comparison on those!

I see what they were going for with the high waist matching panties, creating a retro look. I ended up not getting them though, as I found that they could look somewhat matronly on me in this particular colourway. Also, I’m not keen on so much coverage for a set that will get a lot of wear in the summer. I wish Panache offered a classic brief as another option, but I might try the high waisted panties in teal this winter.

For pretty pictures of the set, check out the review by the always gorgeous Sweet from Sweet nothings

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6 Responses to Panache Olivia bra review

  1. I am so glad to see not one but two reviews on this bra! It’s hard to tell from the catalogs how the bras will fit and what shape they will have, and Panache doesn’t do the best job using any descriptions to help. As a result, I’m always weary of recommending anything that’s new because it could turn out to be a hot mess. It sounds like Olivia is not only a bra with great potential but also one carrying in the shop! Thanks for such a great review!!

    • astrid says:

      You’re welcome! I was surprised that not many shops carried it and most of them only had it up to a G cup. Super thankful that Viksen ordered it in my size. I’m sure the teal will be a hit!

  2. Sweets says:

    Ahhh, what serendipitous timing! I loved reading your review– Floris has never appealed to me all that much, but Olivia has definitely won me over.

    • astrid says:

      Yes, I’ve been wanting to write a review for the past two months and then got inspired to get down to it by your most excellent top 10!

  3. Lee Rivers says:

    Yes, two great reviews of this bra! Thank you for the comparison to the Floris and Envy: I have been hesitant to try this because I don’t fill out the cups of the Floris, but if the fabric’s more forgiving it might work.

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