Edwards and Millers Celita teddy

Celita Chair front

I first heard of Edwards and Millers back in July 2013 when Izzy from Voluptuously thin heralded the brand as our savior in an interview with the designer. With an announced size range of 26-34 DD-M, it sure seemed like a dream come true for those of us in need of sub-28 band and/or K+ cups.

The company finally came out in March with the Jewels of Jamaica collection, including af bra and knicker set and a teddy. The bra came out in a small selection of sizes (26G, 28DD, 28H, 28K, 30GG, 32G, 32J, 34H), so I wasn’t able to try that out, but I recently got a chance to try the Celita teddy. Just like the bra and knickers, it is made out of lace and silk.  It also features a hidden crop top for support.

IMG_0421_large IMG_0418_large

I love the cheeky look of the lacy bottom.

Celita back bw

With the wide intended size range of the brand, I was curious to see how the teddy would work as it comes in three sizes only: small, medium and large. Sadly, the large didn’t work for me. While the bottom part felt very comfy, there simply wasn’t enough bust room. I would guess that the bottom would fit a UK size 12 to 16, whereas the bust room should be fine for someone around a 32J and sister sizes. I got confirmation that it works fine on a 28K. In any case, it is lovely and I would be game to try it in an XL if it becomes available in the future and the bottom part doesn’t come out too big.

The whole thing left me slightly obsessed with teddies. Less contrived than a babydoll, less pedestrian that a slip, they have an effortlessly sexy vibe that I absolutely adore.

I am now lusting after this little number…


Aubade’s Projection privée in Caribbean pink

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2 Responses to Edwards and Millers Celita teddy

  1. I have never owned a teddy before, but now I totally want one! They do look pretty effortless. I have seen a couple jumper/romper styles for sleepwear from companies like Fleurt or Fleur w/ Me that I really like. Maybe it’s time to take the plunge!

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