Dressing tips for the inverted triangle: a few silhouettes

I don’t have what I would call a uniform in terms of how I dress, but I tend to come back often to the same silhouettes, so I thought I would share a few with readers who are shaped like me. Most full-bust bloggers are hourglasses and a lot of them are into the pin-up look. While I love looking at their pictures and I do have a soft spot for polka dots, this is simply not my style and what looks good on their body type doesn’t necessarily work for me. So here are a few winter favourites for my strawberry shape.

Thin V neck jumper + long sleeves high cut T-shirt + straight leg jeans


image3s  + 300_300_productGfx_a3e0c6615a8fe1922ddba32d72bd03c5 +  1969 real straight jeans - dark wash

(Jumper by Asos, top by Urkye and jeans by Gap)

Why it works:

  • All busty women have read that deep V necks are flattering, but not everyone feels comfortable showing cleavage, especially in the workplace. Not to mention, winters are cold!
  • Thin layers keep you warmer than a heavy knit, without the added bulk
  • This is a good chance to rock a bright or light colour next to your face, without bringing unwanted attention on your chest.
  • Skinny jeans might be the current basic, but I don’t find them particularly flattering. I think they tend to accentuate the imbalance between a larger upper body and a slimmer lower body. Bootcuts look better to me on tall girls with hips (I was going to write: tall hippy chicks! I guess they have a hippie vibe too!) and they can look a bit outdated. In any case, straight leg in a slimmish but not skinny or tapered cut have been my denim of choice  pretty much all of my adult life.


  • Since my torso is so short, which is quite common with this body type, I like to keep the  jumper longish. That lengthen my waist a little. I go for a shape that skims my body rather than something
  • If you want to optimise the figure flattery with colour, go for a light to medium wash pair of jeans, with a darker jumper and top in a bright or light colour that suits your complexion. However, I find darker denim more versatile and more suitable for winter.

Long sleeves shirt + Wrapover cardigan +short flared skirt

300_300_productGfx_40aa26fb48e6f6c2c6dac9fba3d9ce5e + small_burgundy_swetr+il_570xN.580737313_7m37

(Top by Urkye, cardigan by Biubiu, skirt by ShopSparkleMotion)

Why it works:

  • A shorter skirt draws attention away from your upper body. I get that it is not for everybody and I actually wear my fair share of knee length A-line skirts, but I’ve been rocking this combo since I was a teenager and minis will always have a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a maxi skirt!
  • A flared skirt creates some volume, balancing the upper body. It also gives more freedom and mobility and you don’t have to worry about it riding up, like you would with a tight skirt.
  • The wrapover cardigan creates a V neckline effect with a feminine touch



  • An interesting pattern or a bright colour will make the skirt even more noticeable
  • If your skirt is more neutral, colourful tights will keep things interesting
  • The shorter the skirt, the flatter the shoe! I live in flats, as I find them more practical, so this is not an issue for me, but the look works much better with flats in my opinion. I usually wear tall boots, but booties look more “now”.
  • If it’s really cold, you’ll be cosy with tights, knee length socks and tall boots.

Sweater dress + cardigan 


image1s +image3s

(Dress by French Connection via Asos, cardigan by New Look via Asos)

Why it works:

  • Sweater dresses are THE dresses most likely to fit an extremely busty figure without coming from a specialist company.
  • They’re also the cosiest.
  • A longish cardigan adds warmth and vertical lines to lengthen the torso


  • I don’t necessarily go for a super tight little number just because those dresses have some stretch in them. Wearing the smallest size you can get into will put strain on the fabric and the garment won’t last as long as it should. I also find a drapey fluid fit very chic and modern and think it can be flattering on a top heavy figure. I don’t believe that “flattering” has to be a code word for “slimming” or “showing off any smaller part of your figure”. For me, it’s more about making my proportions work harmoniously and looking fresh faced.
  • For the cardigan, I like those than can be worn either open or cinched at the waist. When I tie them, I tend to create a dropped waist with the belt, as I feel it balances my figure better.

That’s it for now. Stay warm!

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2 Responses to Dressing tips for the inverted triangle: a few silhouettes

  1. faustineli says:

    Oh cool! I shall keep this in mind. I am also an inverted triangle.
    My ‘uniforms’ tend to be mid to high rise jeans plus a v-neck shirt or tank, plus possibly a cardigan, or a tunic with leggings

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