Panache Jasmine vs Panache Envy

IMG_0351  VSIMG_0364


The Panache Envy often gets touted as a basic version of the Panache Jasmine, but truth is there are quite a few differences between the two. So, let’s compare them, ok?

Fabric: This is the most obvious difference. The Jasmine only features stretch lace on the upper part, whereas the Envy is fully made out of stretch lace. As a result of this, some people find it less supportive. It is however comfier.

Gore: While the gore on the Envy is not Freya-wide, it is definitely not as narrow as on the Jasmine. If you’re close-set, that might mean that Jasmine will tack when Envy won’t or will sit on breast tissue.

Coverage: Envy has slightly more coverage than Jasmine. This coupled with the stretchier fabric means that it’s easier to size down in the Envy. If you’re breasts are soft in particular, this will give you more compression and thus better support and you’re less likely to fall out of the cup than in the Jasmine.

Projection: The Jasmine gives a lot of projection. The Envy gives a more compact rounded shape that impressed Bras I hate and love.

End of the story, both are great bras in their own right, but you won’t know which one will be your favourite before trying them. This season, Envy comes in a lovely Cassis shade, but I’m holding on until next season for a new Jasmine… this houndstooth print will be mine!

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