Bravissimo L cup offering

I’ve been a Bravissimo fan for a long time and I must say I’m very impressed with their efforts to serve those of us on the largest cup extreme. Since the year started, they’ve offered three new bras up to an L cup alongside their best-selling Alana.

The Fleur bra, which launched last Winter, is Bravissimo’s first full cup bra available up to an L cup. I must admit that I wasn’t wowed by its design, but so far all L cup bras had been balconettes, so this new shape was still an exciting addition to their range. Fitwise, I found it quite similar to the one Bravissimo full cup bra I’ve tried, that is the Pretty as a Pin up bra. In short, the wires are narrower than on most full cup bras I’ve tried. The band is on the tight side and the top panel is not FOT friendly. You may also have trouble with the fit if you’re very center heavy. However, it’s very supportive and comfy. I wouldn’t wear it under a tight shirt or as a boudoir piece, but on days I have to run around a lot, it does the job!

The Floral Haze bra is another one that is not typically my style look wise. (I don’t like florals AND I don’t wear blue), but I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I got it, as this particular shade of blue is quite flattering. Warning: it runs quite small in the band. If you’re between sizes, definitely go with the largest. If not, you might want to size up, depending how tight you like your bras. Although it is not modeled after it, it is supposed to be quite similar to the the Oriental Bloom. I’ve compared a Floral Haze and Oriental Bloom in the same size and have found that the band on the Floral Haze is tighter, the center gore comes up a little bit higher and the wire itself a bit longer. However, the width is identical.

Finally, the Calessi bra is supposedly  similar to the Alana shape wise. Here again, I’ve compared to bras in the same size and the Calessi had slightly wider wires. Still the fit is somewhat similar. If the Alana is a great fit on you, the Calessi should work too, but if you find the Alana a bit too wide and shallow, the Calessi should be a worst fit and I would advise you to avoid it.

All in all, I’m really pleased to see that Bravissimo is willing to expand and update its largest cup offering, when most other brands won’t even try a single K+ bra.

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