Made in Preston Spring Floral Skater Dress

Made in Preston is a young boob-friendly brand based in the UK. They offer clothes, swimwear and lingerie. The clothing goes from a UK size 6 to a 16, with a few pieces available up to an 18. Add to that 3 bust sizes: Fit (for an average chest size), Foxy (for a busty figure) and Fab (for a very busty figure). Not long ago, I’ve tried a dress and a bikini from their collection. While the bikini was a complete disaster on me, the dress had plenty of bust room in a 14 Fab, which should only work up to a 34/36J. My guess is that it could easily accommodate up to a 36K and sister sizes.


When MiP contacted me offering me to review an item, I jumped on the occasion to check if the brand could work on those of us in the JJ-L cup segment. As I had been admiring Laura from Thin and Curvy in her floral skater dress, I went straight for this style.


This confirmed my theory: Made in Preston stretchy items work perfectly for J+ cups. So, if you wear a JJ, K or even KK cup bra size and a 6 to 16 dress size and have been on the fence about ordering, I definitely suggest you give them a try. Just go for you regular trousers size or one size up in a Fab.

I got the dress in a 16 Fab, just like Laura and it works just as well on a 34KK than on a 34HH. Well done, Made in Preston!

I’m usually not a fan of floral prints, but in this case, the pattern looks almost abstract and the colours work great for me. Furthemore, the cut is incredibly flattering. I’m a sucker for skater dresses, which I found excellent to balance a top heavy figure. The black panel going down all the way to the waistline is genius: the neckline is modest without making the bust appear larger than it is and the deep V shape accentuates the waist, awesome when belts don’t work for you. Speaking of which, the waistline hits exactly my natural waist. I’m just under 5 ft 5 and the dress reaches mid-thigh, the perfect skater dress length, on me. That means it might come a bit short on taller women, but I’m happy I didn’t have to have it hemmed.

Just like Laura, I found that the dress comes up very high on the neck. It doesn’t particularly bother me, but it does create a similar pressure to a halter neck.

All in all, I’m very happy with the dress and would consider buying it in another pattern and colour. May I suggest something red or hot pink? Or a nice shade of orange?

Made in Preston has really grown on me in just a few seasons. I’ve always liked the fact that the brand has a strong identity, but I tend to think of the core customer as a twenty-something party girl from Essex, who dresses up to go clubbing and likes to follow the trends. As a thirty-something Parisian who is more into wine bars than clubs and whose style doesn’t vary much every season, I feel quite far from this customer. Still, there are more and more things making it to my wish list as the collection is growing…


Just to  “name” a few!


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7 Responses to Made in Preston Spring Floral Skater Dress

  1. Darlene says:

    I’m re-thinking Made in Preston, too. I love that the length was perfect on you because I know how picky you are about this–AND it fit at your natural waist. Amazing.

    • astrid says:

      Thanks, Darlene! I’m amazed that it fits both Laura and I so well! We’re finally getting some sun here, so I plan on sporting it this weekend.

  2. Naddie says:

    Love this, I think its a great post I am the same as you struggling with larger boobs and being a much smaller size below. Glad there are others in the same boat. I have done a post on MiP as well 🙂

  3. xelestial says:

    Thank you for doing this review, Astrid! I had written them off completely. That is such a cute dress, I love the contrast and abstract look. I can’t recall, have you tried any Urkye or Pepperberry clothing? I’m sure you’ve tried the latter, but I wanted to ask if you could compare the fit to any other bust-friendly clothing. I also consider my style range to be anywhere from comfortable and simple to occasional punk/goth to sophisticated so it didn’t seem directed at me at all, but I may have to take another look at them. So glad they reached out to you too, even knowing your size which shows they’re at least aware we exist!

    • astrid says:

      I’d say the fit is similar to Urkye 42 oo/ooo. It is more generous in the bust than Pepperberry 14R/SC, but maybe slightly smaller in the body than a 16R/SC. HTH!

      • xelestial says:

        That really helps as I have tried all of those sizes, thank you! It would seem we’re the same sizes in BF clothing 🙂 I would be a PB 14R/SC but you know, the bust room is inadequate sometimes. I think I’m going to go check out their site and if I do get anything I’ll have to do a review as well.

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