Panache Floris review: a Cleo style in a K cup?

I’ve looked around, but haven’t found any review of Panache Floris, a style that came out last season without much publicity. I almost ruled it out, because I didn’t like the styling, but I kept coming back, because it was supposedly based on Cleo Marcie. And it is no secret how much I love my Marcie babydoll.

I finally cave in and the Floris is indeed what people have been petitioning for: a Cleo bra in a K cup with a three hook back! Of course, it is labeled as Superbra, but the fit is definitely reminiscent of Cleo.

It’s hard to compare since Marcie is not available in a K cup, but Floris seems less open on top. There is however a lot of room in the upper part of the cup and the firmer upper cup provides good support, something you might enjoy if your breasts happen to be both softer and fuller on top and end up quadboobing in everything.

As I said, I’m not a fan on the look of the first Floris. The new purple colourway for this season is not quite as bad. And next season’s model previewed by Stanikomania looks pretty decent.

So if you’ve been sister sizing in Cleo because you like the fit but need a JJ or K cup, you might want to give Floris a chance!

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7 Responses to Panache Floris review: a Cleo style in a K cup?

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  2. xelestial says:

    OMG thanks so much for reviewing this! This and a few other Panache bras that are newer that I found through Bratabase seemed like good potentials but as you said there’s no reviews and money isn’t infinite so…

    Can you do me a huge favor a day let me know what size you got it in and take the width measurement of the underwire at least? I would so appreciate it. Sad to hear it’s less open on top though.

  3. stanikomania says:

    Just found your blog in someone else’s blogroll and am adding it to mine 🙂 I like the AW14 colourway the most and can’t wait to test and review it. It is my preview you are talking about actually (so it’s Stanikomania not Balkonetka) 🙂

  4. Ms. Pris says:

    I tried the Floris and liked everything except that it dug in along the top edge 😦 If the top edge was just a wee bit looser I would have kept it and bought every colorway.

    I tried 4 sizes and I noticed that in ALL of them, the top portion of the cup was very loose near the seam, which is a quality problem imo.

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