J+ options from Bravissimo’s new collection

It may be winter, but Bravissimo’s early spring collection is out, with plenty of options for those of us needing J+ cup.

Bravissimo’s full cup shape is now available up to an L cup, with the new Fleur. I’ve reviewed the Pretty as a Pin up, which is a similar shape.

The Boudoir Beau is back in a stunning colourway. It is one of the options most suited to full on top boobs from Bravissimo’s own brand, which tend to have a restrictive top panel and it was discontinued for a while. So welcome back, pal!


Bravissimo own brand also offers two new balconette bras up to a K cup Vintage Haze and Marguerite, not to mention new colourways for their pajama tops up to a J cup and some new swimwear

I’m not a big fan of full on leopard print, but I know that a lot of you had been waiting for the release of the new leopard Jasmine by Panache. Well, here it is!


My darling Dotty Spot is cute as ever in teal.


The cuteness of Tutti Rouge Fifi is just too much for me.


Choosing my free bra from Bravissimo reward scheme is going to be a really hard job!


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2 Responses to J+ options from Bravissimo’s new collection

  1. Sweets says:

    I love the TR Fifi too! I think Bravissimo’s collections just get stronger and stronger. While I wish there were more options for the 28 band wearers, I’m so, so pleased that there are more J+ options, and I LOVE that they took Fleur up to the full size range! I was resolved to watch my spending this month, but now I’m sorely tempted …

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