Cleo by Panache Marcie babydoll

I don’t think babydolls are flattering on a larger chest, but I was glad to see several full bust lingerie manufacturers starting to sell them recently, because I know lots of busty women have been longing to own one. And then Cleo came up with the Marcie babydoll. And I was in love.


A babydoll is a loose fitting short night dress and while I believe that busty women can look good in baggy clothes, the tent effect can look awkward. Now, the full bust versions are cup sized, so they only flow from the underbust, which works better, but which has the same problems as empire waistlines.

Also, the aesthetic of the garnment is a bit dated to me and reminiscent of a femme enfant (think Caroll Baker in the movie Baby doll). I was a teenager in the 90s, and babydoll inspired dresses were a staple of the kinderwhore look. As a result, while a babydoll can look cute on a very young slender woman with a petite chest, it can seem a bit contrived on a 30+ busty woman, either in a slightly Madame way or in a mutton dressed as lamb way. I do believe they make a great boudoir piece for pregnant ladies though. This is just my personal opinion, so if you like the look of traditionnal babydolls on a busty figure, by all means, rock them!

In contrast, the Marcie, while loose fitting enough to accomodate a tummy, is not flowy, but follows the body contours. At first, I wasn’t sold on the fact that it is open in the back, but now I love that makes it easy to put on and to take off. The mesh fabric under the cup is sheer enough to show off your waistline if you have one and forgiving enough to hide your tummy if you don’t want it in full display.

It also has a modern edge lookwise compared to other more retro-inspired babydolls, making it equally suitable for a 20 year old or a 40 something. The sleek black colourway also plays into this. I know people have been campaigning for basic colours Marcie bras for a while and this babydoll certainly advocates for the launch of a black one! The velvety polka dots are a nice touch, both playful and sophisticated and they don’t show under clothing.


That’s right. Babydolls are usually seen as boudoir pieces, but the fit of the bra part of this is too good not to wear it during the day as an underdress. The bra is both supportive and comfy. It gives a rounded upfront shape without too much projection. I found the band to be quite tight, so if you like a looser fit or are planning to wear it to sleep, I would advise to sister size and get for instance a 34HH if you typically wear a 32J. That means those wearing up to a 36JJ also have access to this babydoll, as the size range runs 28-38 D-J. I still wish Cleo would consider producing its best-selling items up to a K cup though!

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4 Responses to Cleo by Panache Marcie babydoll

  1. LainaV says:

    What size did you end up getting? How did you like the fit on you?

  2. xelestial says:

    I’m so not understanding why Cleo doesn’t have K cups yet offers them as a sister size!

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