Ewa Michalak S bra size expansion


Without much noise, Ewa Michalak has introduced S cup bras in larger sizes. Right now, S Pieprzyk, S Grace and S Szykuś are available in 85KK, the largest cup volume available from the brand. I’ve also spotted the S Trapez in the extended size range (but it seems like it sold really well already) and you can still snatch an S Wiśniówka in 70L. I assume you can try to order any of these bras as a special order.

Now, I haven’t talked much about Ewa Michalak on this blog, because while it fits some really well, like Caroline at Curwywordy, the brand had not worked so great for me. First, I’m not a fan of padded bras. Then, the only model available in larger cup sizes was the PL and after trying a couple of them, I realised that they just give my least favourite shape in a bra: what I call “the basketball” and that they weren’t supportive enough as an everyday bra for me. Finally, a while ago, Ewa Michalak has started to sell specialty sizes as special order only. I don’t mind that they are unreturnable, as I find it easier to just resell the bra if it doesnt fit. I’d rather not pay the extra fee for special orders, but I understand how producing these sizes can mean an extra cost for an independant designer and I applaud her for providing the option. What I really really really don’t want to deal with is getting into an email exchange to see if my size can be made. I wish the specialty sizes were on a drop-down menu with a disclaimer that they cost extra and are unreturnable…

Anyway, when Ewa Michalak launched her new model, the S bra, I was very excited  to see that it gave a much nicer (to my tastes) shape than the PL, perkier and less round and bulky. I also noted that it was supposed to be more supportive than the PL. Sadly, it didn’t cover the largest sizes.

Fast forward a few months and when I spotted an an S Wiśniówka – the same model sported by Anna from Bras and Body Image in her S vs PL comparison – on the drop-down menu, on sale and just a cup size off from my EM size, of course I ordered it!

As expected, it was too small, but even then I could tell I like it much better than the Pls I’ve tried. I was worried about the taller center gore, but it is still a lower balconette style for this size range, comparable in height to Panache Harmony/Melody and clearly lower than Panache Jasmine and most Cleo balconettes. Because the top of the cup curves in slightly, it feels much more secure and less jiggly than the PL, but it is still open on top enough to accomodate slightly fuller on top breasts without quadboob. The wires are markedly narrower than on the PL, so a bit too narrow for me, which combined with the too small cups resulted in side boob. They would still sit on breast tissue in the proper size, but as far as I can tell with just trying the bra on, they didnt feel uncomfortable.

In terms of appearance, I find that red and black lingerie can be a bit gaudy, but it turns out the bra was not red, but a deep shape of pink, resulting in a classier effect. The lace on the cups sits flats and hardly shows under thin clothes.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this bra. I would consider buying an S bra in my PL size if it shows up and I’ll keep this one with tags on as my size sometimes fluctuates. If I don’t get around to wearing it this winter, I’m sure I’ll have no problem reselling it.

Now if the SM (S shape without padding) bras ever get released in larger cups, I’ll probably get over the e-mail thing!


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7 Responses to Ewa Michalak S bra size expansion

  1. xelestial says:

    I don’t blame you about the email thing. I’m the same way and agree whole heartedly with your idea about the drop down box. I even emailed them to order and they never responded so I ended up ordering a variety of sizes and sister sizes and crossing my fingers that I won’t need the L.

    • xelestial says:

      Turns out I probably do need the L. Ordered a 70M after sending two more emails. Hoping they work.

      • astrid says:

        Fingers crossed! If not they sell quite easily. Did you get that same bra?

      • xelestial says:

        No, actually I asked them to make a Pl Charlie and Onyks in an S style and they said okay. And then a new S style just came out, S Wodzianka and I asked them to add that to my order too (because I hate emailing them I hope to only do big orders once or twice a year). I had S Pieprzyk but it was too darned itchy.

  2. Hi, I’m representing Ewa Michalak

    In regards to the drop-down menu problem… I just counted all bra sizes we can make, and I found there are exactly 257 of them. Please note that not all sizes are available for all cuts. The interface of our web shop isn’t capable of doing such thing as listing all specialty sizes on a drop-down menu with a disclaimer that they cost extra and are unreturnable. I will try to speak with our guys from IT about that, but they think we already lost our minds because of the number of sizes we need to have in the system 😉

    In the past there were some issues with our support via email, but now I’ll be glad to help, even if my English isn’t prefect 🙂 Please don’t be shy and send us an e-mail if you need any help or wish to buy something not listed on our website. We are all women here now, and we understand all the difficulties a woman can encounter when finding a perfect bra.

    • xelestial says:

      I’ve had a lot more success with customer service in the past half a year, your English is great to me. I’ve also been able to leave notes in the order form for custom orders it seems

      It would be good if they could do as some websites have and have band size be a separate drop down menu, and then have cup size in separate menu as well. Then they wouldn’t haven’t to literally enter each size. It would just be select band size, for example 70, then select cup size, for example K. If it wasn’t available for the particular bra it could just be absent or greyed out.

      • That might be good idea, but currently our system don’t support the option “this size is available for special order only”… This isn’t only a problem with a new drop-down menu that can be added to our website; our web shop system is limited on deeper level than that…

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