Large cup bras appropriate for young teens

Looking back on the #DiversityInLingerie theme, my main concern is not to see every possible type of woman represented as a model, but to see lingerie produced to suit every type of woman. My first call in my related post was that I’d like to see more full bust lingerie appropriate for teens.

Brands like Curvy Kate, Cleo and Tutti Rouge get labelled as junior, but a lot of what they offer would not be suitable for a lot of girls under 16. And most girls start wearing bras long before that. There may be some young girls who feel very comfortable sporting a red Marcie or a purple Tease me, but I’m pretty sure lots are not. And they shouldn’t have to wear beige boulder holder contraptions either.

As a young teen, I wanted no nonsense comfy bras, possibly cute and quirky, but not too frilly and certainly not sultry. I’m sure there is still a market for this, so here is my little selection for girls who are not ready yet for grown up styles.

Lots of girls start by wearing soft cup bras. That is Royce Lingerie specialty. They do have a line for young girls called Missy, with some items, including a very useful sports bra, running 30-36 A-D, not perfect, but still much better than most “training bras” range.

Their Everyday range also has a few simple styles that a non-fussy tween might like, some up to a K cup. Sadly, a few of the most teen-friendly were discontinued. I’m thinking about the demure Emily and the girly Candy, which still pop up every now and then on eBay. I wish the new Ultimate comfort could make that list. Sadly, it only goes up to a DD.



I mentionned that the Missy line featured a sports bra and I think it is very important that teens figure out early on that sports bras come in other sizes than S, M and L. Crop top/bralette style sports bras are also one of the first style young girls are familiar with. Panache Sports bra is a great alternative. Available from a 28DD to a 40GG (and a 38H), it provides ultimate support, and looks great in a variety of colours neutral/bright/sweet, take your pick! Its cushioned wire case makes it particularly suited to get used to the feeling of wired bras without discomfort. And nothing stops you from wearing it outside of your PE classes, as an everyday bra.

Panache Sports Bra in grey

Panache Sports Bra in grey

Another sadly discontinued favourite is Kalyani (now Faubourg)’s Natural Charm. The two part cup wired bra was one of the first bra ever produced up to a British K cup. It came in Black, White, Grey marl, white/pink stripes, orange/hot pink stripes. Deliciously simple, whith that great cottony feel, it was the bra I had been looking for all through my teens, so I rocked the hell out of it even though I was 20+

Natural Charm

Kalyani Natural Charm (pic from Brastop)

It also comes up on eBay and sometimes on Brastop. If you can’t find it, maybe Freya Lauren can be a replacement.

Freya Lauren Plunge in white (also available as a balconette)

Freya Lauren Plunge in white (also available as a balconette)

One thing that put me off large cup bras as a teen is that they were always so lacy, which to me read adult (and possibly scratchy). Lots of Freya bras, especially those available in  larger cups feature a lace panel, but that is not the case of the ever popular Deco and I must say that this Flamingo print is a lot of fun and quite teen-appropriate.

Deco Flamingo

Deco Flamingo

The new Marvel is also lace free and offers a brand new shape up till an H cup. The black colourway is a great option for those in need of a darker bra.

Freya Marvel (pic from Bravissimo)

Freya Marvel (pic from Bravissimo)

There should be more and in fact, I’m sure there are more out there. If you know of any, please drop me a line. Let me just mention a few more options, which I haven’t included in the main post, because, while perfectly teen appropriate, they lean on a frillier side: Tutti Rouge OliviaTutti Rouge PearlTutti Rouge FrankieCleo MaddieCleo LilyCleo NatashaCurvy Kate EdenBravissimo Dotty SpotBravissimo Sweet Bon BonFreya Hello DollyFreya Patsy


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6 Responses to Large cup bras appropriate for young teens

  1. Darlene says:

    This is such an important post!! Thank you for doing the work behind it. “Lacy” as adult/scratchy was exactly my reason for avoiding these bras when I was a teen, and I certainly wasn’t looking for “sultry”!

  2. Pretty Big Bras says:

    Personal preference means a lot here 🙂 I used to love fashion colourways (still do!). I did not love anything black (too old) or white – and I hated beige so much I still don’t have any bras in beige… To my 13-year-old self I would recommend, appearance-wise, Cleo Lucy or Lori. I would have loved the Freya Deco Flamingo, Totally Tartan and the old Hello Dolly (the one with Russian dolls). Freya Patsy is not too lacy either, and the dot print is just so cute. Curvy Kate’s autumn/winter range tends to be more sultry, spring/summer range has more light, cute, sweet colours.

    But I also remember that the styles I wore the most were the ones that were the most comfortable. So it’s quite possible that I would have just gotten the Tango in some fashion colourway 😀 (Or Jasmine. Possibly better for growing breasts with the stretch lace.)

    • astrid says:

      So true about personnal preference! Although, I must admit, I was also influenced by what my peers were wearing. I hate beige bras so much, that I only bought one in my entire life and ended up dying it. To me, most beige bras look like old band aids.

  3. Alicia says:

    Great post! I’m in my 40s now, so the issue is well off my radar =) but just like Pretty, my intense distaste of dingy beige hammocks is even more intense now. With the rare exception of Anita, where I grit my teeth because the comfort is phenomenal, I won’t buy beige. I’ll opt for white & then dye it with food coloring. Wish I’d thought of that c1985.

    I would’ve adored a style like Lucy in solid bright colors – but wouldn’t have put up with the discomfort of those harsh, uncushioned wires for a second. My mom set the example of comfort first when she ditched all the foundation scaffolding of the 60s & embraced the A Lot Less Bra 70s bra revolution: front clasp, very sheer, shiny fabric – a lot like the polarizing Gossard Glossies. She also didn’t give a flying f**k about nippie show thru. Now in her 70s, she finds the whole thick foam bra thing hysterical. “I don’t know why these girls want to wear those breastplates. I hey could double as life preservers.”

    What I actually wore was Vanity Fair – great thick silky bands. In beige. I was so excited when one came in pale pink. I owned one bra in an actual color. I think the reality for many teens however is that with their choices will be severely constrained by budget and location, I.e., what they can find at Wally’s or Target. I think what would really make a difference for young teens is to follow the simple tutorials on Bras I Hate & others to shorten a band & make a 40D into a 32FF.

    • astrid says:

      Yes! Knowing about alterations can be a huge help. I can’t sew, but when I was in my late teens, my local shop would shorten the band for me for free. That was really helpful.

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