Redefining sexy round-up

I’ve invited other bloggers to share their views on sexiness. Here is a list of the posts on that theme, that I will update all month.

My own introduction post

Seven lies: Underneath your clothes

2 cakes on a plate: Redefing sexy, the theme of October

Undiegamer: What “sexy” means to me

Voluptuously thin: Defining what I find sexy

2 cakes on a plate: What’s up with the high waisted knickers

Filling a niche: How do I define “Sexy“?

Hourglassy: Redefining sexy What’s your preference?

Wide Curves: The Sexy Revolution

Thin and Curvy: Redefining Sexy: To Each their Own

Warning Curves Ahead: Redefining Sexy: Not Just for the Boys

Braless in Brasil: Sexy is…

Contrary Kiwi: The Need to be Sexy

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2 Responses to Redefining sexy round-up

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