Redefining sexy: new series coming up

Every once in a while, I’ll read or hear something about large breasts being seen as beautiful in mainstream culture, or even some rant about how they are the only brand of “beautiful” in mainstream culture. At this point, I’ll usually refrain from screaming “That is so not true”, do a mental eye roll and just state that it is not my experience. At all. Plenty of women considered beautiful by most people have a modest to average chest, starting with virtually every successful model. I would add that the main qualities of a conventionally beautiful chest – self support and perkiness – are much less common the larger you get, even when young and firm. Busty women occupy a very special spot in mainstream culture: they are the movie sexpots, either comically unaware of their effect on men (in an Hollywood ever so straigth world) or using it to achieve their goals; they are the glamour models on the cover of men’s magazine; they are the trashy reality TV celebrities.

To put it simply, mainstream culture view large breasts as “sexy” rather than “beautiful”. That is because society oversexualises female breasts of any size and shape. And that is why lingerie is so often linked to sexyness, even though wearing knickers and a bra is an everyday thing for most women and girls. Growing up, I felt I had a choice between matronly and sexy when it came to underwear. Since then, the full-bust market has seen a surge of sweet girly frilly stuff to the point that some lament the lack of sexy options, while others wish for a “middle market”.

On the other hand, I often see other bloggers and lingerie enthusiasts swooning at sexy pieces, that do nothing for me. Partly because what is marketed as sexy is not sexy to me and partly because I’m usually more interested in wearing something unique or beautiful or simply comfy!

Expect posts on Redefining sexy from the bra blogosphere in the weeks to come. I’ll publish a list as they come out. In the meanwhile, check out the following:

From the Lingerie Lesbian

From Braless in Brasil

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7 Responses to Redefining sexy: new series coming up

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  2. Karen says:

    I spent most of my youth lamenting the fact that my large chest was not perky and uplifted like the models in the magazines and on TV – it took me a very long time to accept my breast shape as it was and see myself and my body as sexy.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts on this!

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