Why I love separates

Dresses are great fun and I’m grateful that thanks to brands like BiuBiu or Pepperberry I have the opportunity to wear them, but at the end of the day, for me, nothing beats separates. I think it’s high time they get some love too!
  • They’re easier to fit, especially if you’re strawberry shaped. It’s hard enough finding something that fits your bust and waist… try finding something that fits your bust, waist AND hips. On the other hand, while dressing my top half might prove challenging, there is some justice in he world and I have a much easier time than my hourglassy and pear shape sisters when it comes to finding a pair of trousers. And in that respect, I’m just like Nina Garcia: “I love a good pair of pants!” And who doesn’t like a cute, flirty skirt?
  • You can chose wether to recreate a dress effect or not
  • They’re more versatile in terms of outfits you can create. The same skirt will look casual with a t-shirt and flip flops or chic with heels and a blouse. Sure a dress can be dressed up or down with accessories, but with a few well fitted trousers and skirts, you can create a gazillion outfits just mixing and matching tops, which won’t break the bank.
  • They give an effortless modern feel. Retro is fine, but a piece that looks referential and ironic when you’re 22, may just age you when you’re 35. I’m just saying…
  • Just because you get a stain on your top doesn’t mean you have to change your all outfit. Even if you don’t get stains all the time like I do, bottoms require less frequent washing than tops, so yay to less laundry!
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