What Panache bra would you like to see in a KK?

A few days ago, I had a look at the Panache website to look at the styles coming up and I was surprised to see that they now market themselves as a D-K manufacturer, rather than D-KK. I double check their current styles and sure enough, the Melody balconnette and full cup bras were no longer listed. Now, the Melody was not perfect for me, but it was one of the vey few options that came in a K+ cup.

So, I asked Panache about it on their Facebook page and they confirmed that the Melody was discontinued, but that they were looking into other styles to replace it. I personnaly would love to see the upcoming Dahlia in that size range, as I am quite smitten with her Art Deco charms. Which style would YOU like to see coming up to a KK? Let me know. And more importantly, let Panache know!

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7 Responses to What Panache bra would you like to see in a KK?

  1. Juliet says:

    Actually, I wish Panache would start producing Cleo bras up to a K (or even KK) and add a three-hook closure. The Superbra bras are nice too, but as long as Panache won’t make more of them in 28 bands, I can’t really wear them.

  2. sophisticatedpair says:

    I agree with Juliet that I’d like to see Cleo expand to a K as well, but from Panache’s latest offerings I’d like to see the Jasmine, Envy, and the Elsa (similar construction to the Tango but better materials).

    • astrid says:

      The Envy would be a good one. I’m quite interested in trying it! The Elsa is one of these bras that looks so much prettier in smaller cup sizes, without the extra lining (the extra lining works better on Loretta in my opinion).
      I’d be pretty excited with anything from the new line up going up to a KK cup to be honest.

  3. Miss Shapen says:

    I would love to see Cleos and the Jasmine not only in K+ cups, but also with 28 bands in those cups!

  4. Marianne says:

    I’m really disappointed that they have stopped the Melody. I can’t believe it. Another door closes. I was hopeful that Panache were a brand that would be extending more of their range into KK (and L….please!). I will definitely be writing to them.

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