Guessing the bra size of celebrities

In short… I’m not a fan. Not what you expected? Sorry about that.

I find that there is a strange fascination with women bra sizes. For instance, some creeps are REALLY invested in figuring out your bra size, as if knowing this number and letter is going to give them some kind of power… Then, there is the fact that any busty celebrity, no matter how talented, smart or gorgeous is often reduced to her breasts. So, of course, each and everyone of them has a number of articles dedicated to revealing their bra size to the world. That revelation is usually the fruit of the imagination of the journalist or the celeb’s publicist.

And when a celebrity is brave enough to reveal themselves what size they are actually wearing, they should prepare for a backlash. Remember when Sofia Vergara claimed she wore a 32F in Vogue? I don’t know if I’m more annoyed at those who said that she lied because such a size didn’t exist and there was nothing larger than a double D or at those who insisted that she was clueless and “had” to wear a 28 band at most, since she was “tiny”. The arguments on both sides went something like “I’m larger-busted and I’m a D cup blablabla”or “She’s thinner than me and I wear a 30 band and blablabla…” (Newsflash: bra sizes don’t work that way.)

Now, there are also posts and articles that use the same technique (guessing the bra size of celebs) in order to debuke the myths spread out in the first place about Christina Hendricks’ or Dolly Parton’s bra size. While I’m also not a fan, I understand they mean to educate and come from a different place.

Two things bother me about the bra size outings:

  • They contribute to making women bodies public property. Sure, celebrities are public figures, but male celebs are not the object of the same scrutiny and every anonymous woman knows she’s being judged whenever she walks down the street.
  • They take out the fact that bra-fitting is very much impacted by personal preferences. People with strong opinions about Sofia Vergara’s bra size have not inhabited her body or even seen her in the flesh. My definition of a well fitting bra is one that make you feel comfortable and supported and each woman should be the judge on that after being given the tools to evaluate the fit. At the end of the day, each woman should be the expert on their own body.

End of rant!

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3 Responses to Guessing the bra size of celebrities

  1. I like to talk about it. Not because I see them as property or what not, but my probably inaccurate guesses help educate my readers and make them feel more ‘normal’ about their own size/put sizes into perspective.

    • astrid says:

      As I said, I definitely get that those blog posts mean to educate and come from a completely different place than some article listing celebs as variations of DDs as if they were cattle. I also don’t think that everyone commenting on a women size/measurements/etc actually see their body as property, just that it feeds into that culture.

  2. Amber says:

    Excellent post! Loving this. So very true and spot on.

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