My dream K+ cup bra

I’ve talked recently about the lack of options once you reach the K cup threshold and about the strategies to get around it. The truth is I’d love to see a company specifically design bras for very large cups, something like J to L cup (and possibly larger!). I also have a pretty clear idea of what is missing (mmm pretty much everything?) on that segment and what my perfect bra would be like.

Of course, I’d love to have a choice of shapes and colours, but right now, my holy grail would be a full coverage unpadded plunge, by which I mean something with a low center gore, but not too skimpy and no padding thank you! Ideally it would provide quite a bit of depth near the center gore, but would then taper down to a shallower shape. The wires would be average, neither too narrow nor too wide. The straps would be fully adjustable and wide and comfy. A smooth fabric with no lace would be great, either something heavy-duty like my beloved Dotty Spot, or a sheer mesh like those delicious Claudette dessous. I told you I had something specific in mind right?

The low center and depth near the gore would help with tacking, since most breasts in these size range are quite close-set, while the tapering down would help provide a more compact shape, as too much projection is harder to support and the coverage would also add to the support. Anyway, with that in mind, I tried the Elomi Betty in a sister size a couple of months ago… And it felt just like the bra I had been looking for. It is available up to a 42HH, which is the same cup volume as a 34KK, 36K, 38JJ or 40J and I really wish Elomi would consider plunges in these sizes. Bravissimo also has a bunch of lovely unpadded plunges up to 38J. I really wish they expand the cup size range at some point.

This lovely Bravissimo set is my favourite bikini.


It goes up to a 38K and works fine in the larger sizes.They’ve had several models with a similar shape and size range…


And yes, the center gore is about 2.5 inches high! So I know, they can do it. Not to mention it’s a two-parts cup, compared to the more supportive three-parts cup construction they use for their unpadded plunges.

So, I’ve shared my dream. What would be your ideal bra with very large cups in mind? Padded or unpadded? Balconette, plunge, full cup, half cup? Let me know!

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5 Responses to My dream K+ cup bra

  1. bralessinbrasil says:

    I never liked plunges until getting into K cups! Seriously, the center gores are OUT OF CONTROL on these bras and never tack. Just like you I need more depth in the center and a much lower center gore. I just got my Freya Active in the mail today and while I think it’ll work just fine for lifting the center gore is insanely huge and doesn’t tack, ugh!

    Actually, it’s not that they even need plunges, they just need to realize that there is no need for insanely high center gores in these sizes. That and the cups don’t have to be so freaking tall. My boobs aren’t nearly tall enough, I need more depth!

    • astrid says:

      Well, I’d love to own at least one REAL plunge. Ewa Michalak’s PLs are barely lower than my Panache Harmony balconettes. All cups are too tall on me as well, but I thought it was because of my short torso.

    • shelleylvn says:

      lol…serious though…I just tried a charlotte bra in the extended size by parfait and the freaking cup are so tall….like for a giant and I still didn’t get the depth I needed as I was bulging and it actually made me look a lot smaller which I don’t want…..I even went uo two sizes in that bra Imma 38 I US G uk I got 48 H uk…still no go..geesh this is frustrating …like do they think the bigger the boob the taller or maybe longer they are….what? im only 5′ 4″ how tall can they be

  2. Just…everything June said 😉

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