Bravissimo Pretty as a Pin-up review

I’ve renewed my bra wardrobe recently and one of my new pick was Bravissimo Pretty as a Pin up bra. Full cup bras can be very supportive. Sadly this often comes at the expense of style. Bravissimo is doing a great job producing non-matronly full cup bras. I just wish they came up to an L cup, like the Alana. Anyway, me being a sucker for polka dot, I couldn’t pass on this little number.


It is supposed to be modeled after Bravissimo Melrose bra. I wouldn’t know about that, as this is the first full cup Bravissimo bra I’ve tried. What stroke me the most about this bra is how narrow the wires are, compared to other styles from the brand. So if you struggle with too wide wires, you might want to give this bra a try. They’re a bit narrower than I’d like but not painfully so. If fact, the whole bra is very comfortable even for a long day.

Secondly, the white lace panel pushes down the upper part of my boobs a little, so they don’t look their perkiest and I get in quadboob situations on my bigger days, but the shape is fine on my smaller days. For this reason, I wouldn’t advise this bra if you’re very full on top.  Still,  I love the firm secure feeling I get from this bra… And the narrow center gore that actually touches my sternum, quite a feat for a full cup! It would tack perfectly if it came in a larger cup.


In short, I love the look, support and comfort, like the fit and am ok about the shape. Also, the matching panties are adorable. Not bad!

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10 Responses to Bravissimo Pretty as a Pin-up review

  1. Sweets says:

    Thank you for reviewing this one! It’s so, so cute, and I’ve been thinking about ordering it ever since it was released. When I’ve ordered lace-top Bravissimo bras in the past, sometimes it seems like the lace part doesn’t scale up well, and it gets big and kind of takes over the bra. Did you find that to be the case at all with the Pin-Up bra?

  2. astrid says:

    The lace panel is kind of big, but I think it works quite well on this particular model compared to others. I’ll try and add a pic of what the K cup looks like tomorrow.

  3. I own this one and it fits me really well – then again, between weight loss and age, I’m not as full on top as I once was. I love how the aspects of a bra that are challenges for some are the upside for others. Just goes to show that it’s all about fitting your unique body — and even when a bra doesn’t work for one person’s body, it can be ideal for someone else!

  4. How high is the center gore on this one? Also, would you say the fit is similar to the Alana in terms of sizing and depth of the cups?

    • astrid says:

      Center gores are the same height. It feels deeper than the Alana and tacks better, but I get a better shape with the Alana. I would say that like most Bravissimo own brand bras, it fits one cup larger than the Alana.

  5. Great review! I hate when bra designs tend to push tissue downward a little, but I do agree that sometimes the security of having a bra which holds everything in place can awesome.

    • astrid says:

      Yes, depending on the outfit and activity for the day, sometimes support and comfort trump everything! To be fair, the bra might not push my breast downward in a larger cup, but I can’t size up.

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