Dear Bravissimo

I love you. You know I do. As a retailer, you have the best customer service ever and before launching your own brand, you worked with manufacturers so that they took into account customers’needs and wants. As a manufacturer, you deliver lots of options in larger cup sizes every season and your pieces take up more than half of my lingerie drawer! So, what else could you do to please me? Well, since you’ve asked…

1)You’ve led the way on the size expansion front by offering the Alana up to an L cup. Last summer, the Oriental Bloom, also available up to an L, was a success. Keep them coming! I understand that developing models in a larger cup requires some engineering and I’m not expecting you to come up with L cup half-cup bras next season, but surely some models could be made to fit a larger chest? First in line should be your excellent Inspire sports bra, which, like the Alana, comes up a bit small in the cup. And beyond balconettes, you could maybe work on a L cup full cup, since your full cup bras work really well in a K. (Watch out for a review of Pretty as a Pin up!)

2) Please please please, offer more H+ bras and bikinis in a 28 band. Stock up on brands who produce them (and I must cheer on Tutti Rouge for starting up with such a comprehensive range!) and provide them in your own brand, like you did with your new Ring of roses.

bp-tu100pnkb-smallthumbTutti Rouge Liliana bra available in 28-38 DD-J

3) Bring back the Dotty Spot! I tried the Laurel. It’s a nice bra. It has a smooth fabric like the Dotty Spot. But the Dotty Spot it isn’t.

4) Keep up the good work! You’re awesome!


Les Gros Bonnets

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3 Responses to Dear Bravissimo

  1. Lady Roya says:

    I love the alana, but i love Tutti Rouge even more! Have you tried tutti rouge yet? are they new?

  2. Miss Shapen says:

    Oh NO! They discontinued the Dotty Spot? I was so hoping they would eventually expand the size on that one to 28K so I could stop sister sizing. *sigh* What a shame.

    Also, Bravissimo: +1 on all points here.

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