H+ picks from Bravissimo

I make no secret of my love affair with Bravissimo, both as a retailer and as a manufacturer. The new spring collection unveiled today did not disappoint, with lots of options for the H+ cup gals.

I’ve been desperately looking for a replacement for the past few months, cursing myself for not stocking up and… The Dotty Spot is back! Well not exactly the Dotty Spot… my all time favourite has lost its polka dot for the Laurel version. I personally don’t find the leafy/floral pastel print very exciting, but I’ll still get it for the uplift, support and comfort. And I believe that this shade might be flattering for a variety of skintones.

I’ll get my polka dot fix with the aptly named Pretty as a Pin up bra. Based on the Melrose, this is a definitely non-dowdy full cup bra.
Another great news is the introduction of PJ top in HH-J cup. My preference goes to the red.
The Inspire Sports bra (available up to a K cup, which had been discontinued is making a come back.
Bravissimo is adding a new hot pink number to its collection of plunge bras available up to a J cup, the Dixie. How cute is the asymetrical print on the central bow?
When it comes to swimwear, I love this red gingham bikini.
Finally, my only pick from another brand is the überadorable Melissa from Cleo, which goes up to a J cup.
If you want some of this in a JJ or K cup, go sign the petition !
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9 Responses to H+ picks from Bravissimo

  1. Sweets says:

    I was totally delighted with the new collection! I’ve been really pleased with Bravissimo’s own brand so far, and they’re such a gift to H+ cups. Seriously thinking about the pinup set . . .

    • astrid says:

      They’ve been my go-to brand these past couple of years. They offer the best combination of apperance/support/comfort as far as I’m concerned.

      • I have to try more of them! I’m always terrified to order because the shipping is pricier than what I’m used to. Figleaves has spoiled me rotten there. These latest designs are fantastic though so it’s about time I dove in.

        It’s great to hear they make great H+ bras too!

      • astrid says:

        @Miss Underpinnings: the good thing about shipping price is that it is the same now matter how many items you order.

  2. Vee says:

    Unfortunatly, most of Bravissimo’s own balcony designs don’t really go all that well full on top boobs, they tend to cut into them and/or push the top of the boob down. During the day they start to look saggy, so one has to readjust. But they do give very nice boobs of steel kind of feeling, don’t allow jiggling and have nice narrow and low wires, which is why I put up with my boudoir beau 🙂 That, and the perky uplift it provides.
    I really like that supercute gingham bikini and I’m going to try one you haven’t listed – the paradiso plume, first halfcup to come up to J 🙂

    • astrid says:

      I didn’t include the Paradiso Plume, because it came out a bit earlier than this batch, but I agree that it’s gorgeous!Have you seen Fullerfigurefullerbust and XLHourglass’reviews?
      I don’t find the Bravissimo bras I’ve tried particularly narrow, which is good, since I prefer a medium width. I love that they’re comfy, supportive and have a narrow center gore.

      • Vee says:

        Well I guess everything seems narrow compaired to panache I mostly wear 🙂 I love the narrow gores too ❤
        I was on XLH's case to write a review for weeks as I saw her add it to bratabase much earlier 🙂 But I missed the FFFB review, thanks for the tip 🙂

      • astrid says:

        True! These Panache wires are wide for sure!

  3. Jes says:

    In love with the sports bra.

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