Happy birthdays

A few bra blogs started up one year ago. Bras and body image is currently hosting a giveaway to celebrate. Quest for the perfect bra turned one a few days ago. And Les Gros Bonnets will be one at the end of the month!

Meanwhile, Bravisissmo is celebrating its 18th birthday. I’ve been a customer for more than ten years and I wish I had had access to them as a teenager. They are so much more than a retailer to me and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them grow to a successful business with multiple shops.

I’ve been a customer long enough to own a copy of this…

IMG_0094I bought this back in 2002, I think. It is a series of scenarios with witty one-liners in answer to rude and nasty comments about big boobs. The proceeds of the sale were donated to the charity WOMANKIND  Worldwide.

I’ve also been a customer long enough to remember the “Big Campaign”, where Bravissimo collected letters and emails from their customers to improve the offer in the G cup+ segment. Their feedback to manufacturers has had a huge impact in shaping the large cup bras market as it is today. And they’ve played an important role in the history of the K cup.

I love their positive attitude and everything that they stand for!

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1 Response to Happy birthdays

  1. JBear says:

    It is 12 years since I became a customer at their then only shop – in Ealing. It was a great and uplifting experience as I went froma 38dd to a 34 FF and I bought 3 balconette bras which really changed the way I looked and felt.. I had never thought I could wear a balconette before but it turned out they are exactly the best style for me. I am now a 30 H and still value Bravissimo,s excellent service and now I buy their dresses and coats, too! I reaaly like they way they have campaigned for larger cup sizes which has really made a difference to me persoanlly over the years.

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