Big boobs are a disease?

Bratabase is an awesome ressource about bras. Recently, they’ve added a few features including “Bra adventures”, which allow members to have discussions threads similar to those of an Internet forum. One such thread brought my attention to 007b and their breast galleries… More precisely, one member commented about the fact that along their “normal breast gallery”, 007b had an “abnormal breast gallery” and that one of the women featured in this abnormal breast gallery suffered from the condition of “macromastia”. In other words, she has large breasts. Her measurements are 52-38-43. She has no pain or discomfort (despite wearing a 42K bra, which is probably a bad fit for her size) and no other symptom is mentioned.

Now, I had heard the term “hypertrophy of the breast”, which I hate, but according to Wikipedia, macromastia is a “rare medical condition of the breast connective tissues”. Alrighty! How is this rare conditionsdefined? Hormonal imbalance? Damages caused to the spine? Nope! Most physicians define macromastia as excessive tissue of over 1.5 kg. Me thinks an awful lot of people suffer from this “rare condition”.

Unsurprisingly, the woman featured in 007b mentions how people constantly try to talk her into having a reduction… I’ve already written about how much this normative pressure irritates me, but I’m all the more annoyed by the fact that 007b gallery is supposed to show that breasts come in all shapes and sizes and that it is ok… Well, I guess it is ok, as long as you are under an H cup size. Then again, the normal breast galley introduction mentions that “the most common bra cup size in the US used to be B, but has now become C probably due to the increasing obesity”… Based on this, I guess I shouldn’t expect much. I am not saying that a 34H or a 38K are average sizes, but “abnormal” is a much more loaded word than “unusual” or even “large” and I really don’t see how a mere physical trait get constructed as a disease. *end of rant.

In other news, Bratabase is building up a breast shape gallery and is looking for pictures. The project is completely anonymous and there won’t be any “abnormal” tag! So consider submitting your picture. (No need to be a bratabase user for submission).

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11 Responses to Big boobs are a disease?

  1. June says:

    I’m pretty sure my breasts weight that much, especially now. I hardly think it’s a disease! In my case it’s definitely genetic, women in my family have large breasts and have for generations back.

  2. astrid says:

    I guess plastic surgeons could come up with an explanation about how this is a genetic disease! It’s crazy how everything that differs from the norm gets labeled as a condition.

  3. Sweets says:

    It’s like how the Latisse ads invented this terrible “condition” of thin eyelashes (oh noes!) in order to convince you to buy a chemical to make your lashes grown in. I don’t doubt that there’s a medical application, but I highly doubt that the problem is so wide-spread we need to be convinced there’s something wrong with our eyelashes that a little mascara won’t fix. I feel the same way about “abnormally large” boobs. I’m sure that, yes, medically, some women suffer, but it’s much more likely that some women have big boobs and some women have small boobs, and gasp, we’re all different.

    • Ms. Pris says:

      I do have a disease that made my eyelashes fall out. It is a real problem, and of course mascara cannot fix it: mascara doesn’t make eyelashes appear that aren’t there already. Please don’t minimize serious health problems.

      Now my eyelashes are back and I am still getting used to them. I don’t remember them being so freaking irritating before!

      • Sweets says:

        Actually, I intended to do the opposite of minimizing a serious health problem; as I said in my comment, I don’t doubt there is a valid medical application for drugs like Latisse. I can’t imagine the discomfort of losing my lashes, and I’m sorry to hear that you have discomfort now that they’re back! My point is that I, as someone with dark hair but pale, thin lashes, have had Latisse suggested to me as a “solution” by multiple “health” and beauty experts. There is no MEDICAL reason on earth that I, an otherwise healthy person, require a drug like Latisse, yet these experts, and certainly the Latisse advertisements, all seek to convince me that there is one. There isn’t, and it would be irresponsible in the extreme for me to take the drug. Like I said, there are absolutely women who suffer medical conditions that affect their eyelashes or their breasts, but that doesn’t change the fact that the medical treatments that help those women are most likely unnecessary for women who do not suffer those conditions.

  4. If most women are being sold the wrong bra size, how are any of us to supposed to know what is normal and what is not.

    • astrid says:

      It goes beyond bra size, since the “disease” is based on breast weight, so it doesn’t matter if a woman is fitted using +4, +0, -2 or anything in between. I just don’t believe that having larger breasts makes a woman sick anymore than being 6 foot tall or having a very long nose.

  5. brafull says:

    I have had big boobs since an early age, but to say they are abnormal is offensive to me and I am sure other women with larger chests. Breasts come in all sizes, (I am larger than H), but why is it that just large chests are not normal?

    I have never weighed my boobs, but I have never weighed my head either, but I don’t think any of them are diseased…I’ll take a look…

    I’m also fed up with people who think my boobs are fake or don’t understand why I haven’t had a reduction. Most problems are caused by badly fitting bras. Just walking down the road you can see women who have the wrong size bra on, no wonder so many women have problems. I also love those medical websites that explain to the big wide world how terrible it is to have a large bust and lists all of the problems that “these women” have. Then explain what great plastic surgeons are available…yeh…yeh…

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