Bust-friendly clothing companies at a glance

When you wear an H+ cup bra, findind clothes that fit can prove challenging. Some fabrics, shapes and brands are more accomodating of a larger bust, but you can also get clothes specificaly designed for a busty figure from one of the brands below. I’ve personally tried Pepperberry (and prior to the rebranding Bravissimo clothing), BiuBiu and Urkye and have had good experiences with all three. In addition to the brands mentionned here, Simply Be through the Glamorosa label and The Big Bra Bar offer some further options, although not a complete line. If you’re looking for a button-down shirt, you might also want to check out Campbell and Kate in the US or Cast in the UK.


Pepperberry is the sister brand of my favourite lingerie retailer, Bravissimo. Right now, it is the brand offering the largest choice of options in bust-friendly clothes: outerware, party dresses, fitted blazers, knitwear… you name it, Pepperberry has it! They’ve been catching a lot of flack for being mumsy. In my opinion, it is not so much that they design with an older customer in mind, but that a lot of their clothes are presented in an outdated manner. That is largely due to styling and I encourage everyone to check out their facebook page to see the clothes as worn by their customers and staff, as it definitely look less old-fashioned than in the catalogue. They also cater to a wide customer base, whose only common denominator is a larger bust. I think they do a decent job of offering stuff to women of various ages, lifestyle and bodyshapes. On that last point, they are the only retailer in my experience, that doesn’t assume that your hips are larger than your bust. I love that they provide some options for those of us with a top-heavy figure, along with stuff for pears and hourglasses.

Another common critic targets their high prices. I must say that pretty much everything I have from them (and from Bravissimo clothes prior to the rebranding), I got on sale,on ebay, or second-hand. That being said, I got two items full price this season. The abstact dress featured below (and that was a good call as my size is now sold out) and their classic shirt in red, as I want to support the super duper curvy size with extra boob room.

I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by their latest winter collection, but I think their autumn collection was their best so far. It included the dress above as well as the office wear below.

What are they good for? Workwear.

What you can find there that you has been desperately looking for: a leather jacket or another leather jacket


Biubiu is a Polish boob-friendly company that is often presented as the alternative to Pepperberry. They have gotten stellar reviews from bloggers and it is easy to see what they bring to the table. The quality and sizing of their clothing is consistent. Their BBB size offers more boob room than Pepperberry Super Curvy. And they are much cheaper than their British competitor. Their range is not as wide as Pepperberry’s yet, but they are planning on expanding their offer with jackets and coats in the future. As for now, they sell button down shirts, tops and dresses. What’s not to love? Well, while Pepperberry gets crazy with the embellishment, BiuBiu sometimes get crazy with the prints! Also, last summer, every single top had an empire waistline, which as you know, I’m not a big fan.  I appreciate that they have other silouhettes this new season! I wouldn’t go to BiuBiu for a trendy piece to spice up my wardrobe, but there is something to be said for a well made basic that will be a staple in your closet.

What are they good for? Classics in good quality fabric that will last.

What you can find there that you has been desperately looking for: a simple dress that fits and flatter, with clean lines and no embellishments


Urkye is a young Polish brand that has come as a breath of fresh air. Vibrant colours, simple yet quirky shapes… although it has only been around for a few months, it already has a strong identity. I love how the promo pictures don’t look too cataloguey, but rather like a bunch of friends having a day out. What is even better is that the designer listens to the customers. The 3/4 sleeves Kieska dress featured below has lost the puffy sleeves of the summer version because of this. The single size items may not work for J+ cup, but the dual size items are made from a very stretchy fabric that has proven very accomodating. Now, I tend to think that you can find affordable clothes in stretchy fabric on the high street, so why go to a specialist store for t-shirts and cardigans? Well, the good news is that Urkye clothing is good value for money, with some great designs! The size range is still limited with only a few items available in a 44, but thinner ladies will appreciate that all items are available from a size 34. As I’ve mentionned in a previous post, you shouldn’t be afraid to try their dual size items even if you are sized out according to the chart, as these are extremely stretchy and accomodating.

What are they good for? Casual clothes

What you can find there that you has been desperately looking for: a colourful dress which has pockets and shows a little leg

DD Atelier

Russian company DD Atelier has been around for a while, but has only recently launched its English language website. So, I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I must add that I haven’t had the budget, as some items are quite pricey. You can find some bargains in their sale though and their turtlenecks and DD-basic tops are more reasonably priced. I love that they are not afraid of going a little on the sexy side with shorter skirts and figure-hugging dresses without getting thrashy. Sadly, I’m also sized out of their chart, as quite a few H+ cup ladies. Still, having seen their wrap top on Curvy Wordy, I’ll be sure to try one of their stretchy items once I have the cash! As someone who wears a lot of matching separates to give the illusion of a dress, I’m particulary keen on their Cayenne top with matching pencil skirt featured below.

What are they good for? Understated sex-appeal

What you can find there that you has been desperately looking for: a skiing jacket or the Diva dress above (seriously, who doesn’t need that dress in their life?)

Saint Bustier

I’ve pondered including in this round-up this British newcomer on the busty clothes scene, as it mainly curates clothes suitable for a larger chest, as opposed to producing them. It has come under criticism because of this as well as its high prices. I believe that some busty women would be happy to order from well-known “regular” designers with the knowledge that the clothes would fit. As for the price, I might not be Saint Bustier’s target customer, but if I can get myself a treat for a special occasion, they would definitely be worth a look. They also have some exclusive items, for which they have asked designers to create items specifically for a busty figure. Anyone else watching Project Runway thinks that might enighten some mainstream designers about the challenges of working for a curvy figure?

What are they good for? That designer piece in your wardrobe

What you can find there that you has been desperately looking for: a designer jacket created especially with a larger bust in mind

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