Urkye is a Polish bust friendly clothes brand, which started operation a few months ago. It has a distinctively more modern vibe than brands like BiuBiu or Pepperberry (no offence meant to either of these, I’m a customer and find some good stuff there as well), so I was a bit disappointed when I look at the size guide and realised there was no way I could fit those clothes. However, a few bloggers commented in their reviews that the boob room was more generous than indicated in the size guide, as the items are very stretchy.

The sizes range from 34 to 42 based on waist size. Then the letter o, oo or ooo is added indicating bust size from the smaller to the larger. Stretchy items are dual sized as in o/oo or oo/ooo.

If you are in the J-KK cup range and think that you are sized out based on the size chart, think again!

My waist measurement fits the larger size in the chart (42), but I carry a little extra around my belly and most importantly, my bust measurement is way off the chart. Urkye introduced a style in a 44 recently, the Kokarda, available in various colours. I also had my eyes on the Wodnik top with a beautifull double neckline in the back. As I had sold a few things via Paypal, I decided it was time to give these items a try. I was also on the lookout for a cardigan and was all set to get one from the high street, but it turned out that the Dziergany was available in a 42 when I placed my order, so I grabbed this as well.

Now I have to thank the Polish post service, because my order was despatched on Friday and it reached me on Wednesday. That’s pretty fast!

I ordered the Kokarda in a 44 oo/ooo in black, the Wodnik in 42 oo/ooo in red and the Dziergany in 42 oo/ooo. Turned out the items in 42 oo/ooo are on the tight side but perfectly wearable and the top in a 44 oo/ooo is a perfect fit.

The cardigan has a feature I didnt notice at first: 2 sets of hook and eye closures, one at bust level and one at waist level. It comes in handy to make sure it stays put even without the waist tie.

The charcoal grey colour looks good with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. It’s warm and the sleeves are long enough (sometimes a problem for me). I would quite like a slightly longer version, especially if it came in a 44.

I got the Kokarda top mainly to check the sizing and I wasn’t completely sure I would like it, but I do. The neckline is very flattering and I love that it is not too short, so I don’t end up with the small of my back exposed to the cold! I would consider getting it in red or turquoise in the future.

Finally, the Wodnik top is the one I initially fell in love with and it didn’t disappoint. The red is a really nice shade, which is great as it was one of the last colour available in a 42. I also really like it in grey, hot pink and classic black and would definitely grab one in any of these colours in a 44 and possibly in a 42!

I probably wouldn’t fit in Urkye button down shirts, but I’ll keep an eye on their stretchy items in the future and hope they will keep on introducing styles in a 44. I usually manage to find cardigans and stretchy tops in the high street, so I will only go to a bust-friendly company for these if I really like the style. That is the case with these Urkye items, which are also reasonably priced and good quality. So, I don’t mind paying a little more than for something made by kids in a low cost country!

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7 Responses to Urkye!

  1. Darlene says:

    It’s great to know that their bust room is more generous than their size chart indicates. I’m going to re-visit it!

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  3. Agnes says:

    It’s a pity there are no photos.

  4. xelestial says:

    I’m not sure what your measurements are or if you’ve tried their dresses or shirts yet but I’m like a 30 L and I totally fit in the Mala in 42 and 40 oo/ooo

    • astrid says:

      Yes, the oo/ooo size seems to fit really well on HH-L cups. And the Mala in particular seems to have a lot of bust room. What I meant is that the non stretchy items might not be so accomodating. Got to edit that!

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