Dear Panache (some suggestions)

Dear Panache,

I think you are all kind of awesome. My currently best fitting bra is a (sadly discontinued) Panache and I’ve mentioned before what a central role you played in the introduction of K cup sized bras. I love you for offering models up to a KK and bringing out new models up to a K cup every season in both lingerie and swimwear. You also seem invested in hearing what your customers have to say (as demonstrated by your recent reworking of your wires), so as a loyal customer, I thought I’d share some suggestions on size expansion for Panache Sport, Superbra and Cleo. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing the sophisticated Masquerade numbers available in larger cup sizes as well, but considering the current size range, that might be less realistic than a size expansion in the Cleo and Superbra lines and certainly less urgent than an upsizing of the sports bras offer.

PANACHE SPORT Your sports bra seems efficient, and what is less common, it even looks good! Because you’ve pioneered with a good offer in larger cup sizes, a lot of your customers are larger than a H cup and would love to get a chance to try it. I was honestly surprised to learn that Freya was expanding their sport line all the way to a K cup. I sure hope you have similar plans!

Hot pink support!

SUPERBRA BY PANACHE Your Superbra line offers the Melody up to a KK and has a nice selection up to a K. With now a few years experience offering this size, it would be a big step forward to start offering all the way to a KK some classics currently avalaible up to K cup. I guess the Tango, Sienna and Ariza would be good choices as they have proven popular over the years. The Andorra is another bra I’m dying to see at least in a K cup, as everyone is raving about it.

This would sell like crazy in JJ+ cup sizes

CLEO BY PANACHE Your Cleo line is cute and colourful. It’s great that a lot of styles come in a J cup, but many young women are still sized out. Selected styles in a JJ, K, or even KK cup would be really well received.

In fact, while I really enjoy the Superbra line, it tends to be more classic and have less prints and vibrant colours. All it would take to get more variety in larger cup sizes would be to dare to be bold in the new colourways of old classics.  I love the beautifull buterfly print of the new Jasmine and the gorgeous hot pink of the Melody. The buttercup colour once offered in the Eliza bra was also a nice twist. I’d love to see more of that!

Speaking about colour, I adore the Veronica swimwear in its original red and I can see why so many women couldn’t wait to get it in the new Lagoon colour. My hint: it would look absolutely gorgeous in white.


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6 Responses to Dear Panache (some suggestions)

  1. raspberryleaf says:

    This!This!This! Please Panache, please!
    I want the sports bra so badly!

    (although thanks to your post about sports bras I’m going to try the Royce one! I didn’t know it existed! Most US sites don’t carry it in the full size range, apparently.)

    Also can you tell me more about them reworking wires you mentioned?
    I don’t really ever wear my Panache bras anymore because the wires are so thick and dig in and poke under the arm. Dare I hope they may have fixed this? Should I give them a try again?

    I generally need a full-cup bra, (four cup sections, including side support panel, straps attached further in) with full band in 32/34K/KK. Is there anything from Panache you would suggest I try? (I’m pretty sure I tried the Harmony full-cup at one point and didn’t like it, but that was before Bratabase and I didn’t take my own notes 😦 so I don’t remember what the issue was.)

    Also, Hi! I am so glad I found you! Someone talking about my size range! Hooray! Thank you thank thank you!

    • astrid says:

      Hey! I’m glad you found me too!
      Panache has reworked the wires in their new line so that they don’t come up as high under the arms, as lots of customers were reporting poking. That’s the case with the beautiful Jasmine bra, which is getting mucho love in the bravissimo reviews
      Re the Royce bra, I personnaly get the next band size up so as to get a larger cup. Because it’s a sports bra, the band doesn’t come to loose. If you do that though (getting a 34K to get the cup room for a 32KK) I would advise you to get the black or grey one, not the white one, where the band might come looser. Hope that helps!

      • raspberryleaf says:

        I . . . uh may have ordered some things 😉
        Figleaves happened to have the Jasmine in 32K (and for a much better price than US sites) and the Royce in 34K in gray (which I like the look of a lot), so I went ahead and picked those up, as well as a sale Tango Luxe ($33? yes plz!) to try for the heck of it. (Interestingly, US Figleaves lists size equivalents and they seem to think the Royce K cup is significantly smaller than the Panache K cup — M versus P — wonder what that’s about . . .)
        Thanks so much for your help! Looking forward to seeing how they work!
        (I’m on something of a “trying everything I can get my hands on” spree, hoping desperately to find something I really love.)

    • Bizzy says:

      I have the Jasmine (34H) and it’s amazing. No armpit invasion. Great shape, great profile, great support. Get it.

  2. Mechteld says:

    Good points. II hope Panache will read this message! Indeed very frustrating that some styles don’t go beyond a J or even an H cup. I once tried the Andorra and I thought it was a perfect bra in many ways. Unfortunately I needed a 30JJ in this style and it stops at an J cup. So as an replacement I indeed ordered the Jasmine in 30JJ. I am very curious how it will fit me. It looks really enticing.
    Their sport bras even stop at an H cup. But unfortunately most sport bras do. Only the Royce, which is I think only suited for light work-outs, is available to a (very small) K cup. I wear it (a 32K) mostly as a lounging bra, because it’s so damn comfortable. The Bravissimo Inspire sports bra has been discontinued, due to their strap failure. I own one. Although it (a 30K) hardly fits me – it’s very small in the band and in the cups -, I think I never wore such a firm sports bra.

    But although I love how some Panache styles fit me, I also have problems with the very wide center gores in some of their styles, which make them hard to wear with my very close boobs. I think they assume that when someone’s root is wide, their boobs are also wide-set. But although I have a rather wide root, but I am also extremely close-set at the same time. Taking in the gore doesn’t help either, because the wires themselves are too wide to sit flat between my breasts. In fact there is only place for one wire and even that sits mostly on breast tissue. So now I am trying plunge styles, which have far lower gores. Ewa Michalak’s PL Toffik is a discovery for me. Although it has a bit too narrow wires for me and the band is a bit too big, I am in love with the design with the upfront look and the stunning cleavage it creates.

    • astrid says:

      Freya is supposed to offer a sports bra up to a K cup in a few months. I’ll definitely give it a try, athough I’ve had bad experiences with Freya’s wide center gore/narrow underwire combo so far. IMO, Bravissimo is the one brand offering narrow center gores on a consistent basis. I do appreciate that Panache offers a variety of shapes though and taking in the center gore of their Harmony bra has proved a success for me.

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