In the big cup bra community, it is often commented how a D cup, or even a G cup is “not that big”, “not huge”. While I understand the goal of getting women to try a correct bra size, I sometimes feel like the subtext is that “big” or “huge” is a bad thing. The truth is that wether you set the line at a 32D, 28G or a 34J, some breasts are big, or at least bigger than others (Now I have that damn Smith song stuck in my head!) and it’s okay.

Nobody wants to be called a freak, no matter how far they are from a supposed average. I believe that there is not such a thing as too big,  just like there is no such thing as too small. Frankly, I’m quite tired of the normative pressure put on women. Being larger or smaller than average is not a disease as some pseudo-science articles would have you believe.

In this spirit, I wanted to share a few brave posts that go against the grain

Such as this post from Blogging Busty about dealing with a rude comment,

Yes it’s okay to Not wear a bra by the Lingerie Addict,

Linda’s great answer to What’s a “normal” cup size for a teen? (If you’re interested in this topic, I advise you to check Butterfly collections’s two part post for busty teens and their families.)

Bras I hate’s post about busty myths

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8 Responses to Huge

  1. Well the reason why I say that a D or even a G cup isn’t that huge is I want women to try another size. Some girls and women think can’t imagine a size larger than what they think of as a DD. Believe it or not some women might see themselves as normal and may even like their breasts when they are wearing a “normal” size that doesn’t fit. But they feel odd when they get a bra that does fit that is an “abnormal” size. I answer questions mainly on Yahoo Answers about bra sizes and I seen breast reduction questions where a girl thought she was smaller cups size and now her cup size is larger than a DD and she wants a reduction.

  2. This is really true. Every time I point out how small a 28HH (US 28L) is, I worry that I’m implying that there would be something wrong with having huge breasts… which is absolutely not what I’m about.

    I do think that phrasing and context can help, though. For example, when I talk about a size being much smaller than people imagine it to be, the point is simply to show that people have wrong ideas about what sizes look like. For example, what most people think of as a B cup is really a D/DD/DDD. I’m not saying “oh a DD cup isn’t that bad”… rather, I am saying “a DD cup isn’t what you think it is”, which isn’t a value judgement. But it is really, really difficult to make that clear unless you have a lot of time/space to elaborate on the intention.

    Side note: Learning about bra-fitting has made me appreciate all shapes and sizes of breasts. As a D+ blogger, that sometimes gets lost in my posts about larger busts.

    • astrid says:

      Thanks! I think you’re doing a great job with the phrasing. I remember your post about the lack of D+ options in the US and I really loved that little disclaimer you had in the end.

  3. latonya flye says:

    this my first time to the site! iv been gettn bras from erverywhere! im getting bigger and bigger ! i just put my calculations in and they say my bra size is a 38n! wow! iv been wearning a 40 L ! i so want a breast reduction! i hav indentations in my shoulders, my back hurt. and my pant may b a 14-16 and my top hav to b 3x r more! smh! hellllllllllppppppppppp

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