News from Bravissimo and Pepperberry

Full-busted clothing brand Pepperberry has just released its High Summer collection. On the same day, lingerie retailer Bravissimo has added a few new bra and bikini styles. It is no secret that I love Bravissimo and what they stand for. So far, I’ve been a little less impressed by Pepperberry, but they are still a young brand (building up on the former clothes line by Bravissimo) and they seem to take on board customers’comments, so I hope for the best.

Anyway, the new styles available on the Bravissimo website include 4 bras (2 up to a K, one up to an L and one up to a J) and 2 bikinis, one of which going up to a K cup. The bras are not really new styles, but new colourways for old favourites.

I really like the fiery red/mango of Bravissimo May Blossom.

And the neon pink/aqua Boudoir Beau is calling my name…

I also love the fact that they have included a picture of what the Freya Lyla bra actually look like in larger cup sizes. Lots of brands put additional lining in larger cups, but the promotional pictures only show the sheer smaller cup bras. I really appreciate being able to see what a product I’m considering buying look like!

As for Pepperberry, I’m disappointed that they only have two new items in Super Duper Curvy: one top and one dress. And even more so, that the dress only comes in a colour guaranteed to make me look sick. It is great that they have created this new size and I understand that they don’t have a whole lot of stuff available in SDC yet, but if they only release a limited range, I feel that it should be in colours more likely to look good on various complexions. The spot shift dress would only work on a very fair skin in my opinion.

The princess seams and dropped waist of the Stripe Hem dress would have been very flattering on bustier ladies. And of course, I would have loved to see this season’s guaranted hit Chiffon Spot Shirt Dress available in SDC.

Another thought I have had about sizing is that they could change the sizes of stretchy clothes from the current Curvy-Really Curvy and Really Curvy-Super Curvy to Curvy-Really Curvy and Super Curvy-Super Duper Curvy. That would make a world of difference!


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