Sports bras for H+ cups

Most fuller bust sports bras only go up to an H cup. That is the case of Freya Active underwiredsoft cup and moulded sports bras, of Panache sports bra and of Shock Absorber’s D+ Max Sports bra.  Note that both Panache and Freya start at a 28 band, whereas Shock Absorber starts at a 30, but is known to be extremely tight. The Shock Absorber’s D+ Max has been around for a while and I doubt that it will be available in larger cup sizes. Panache has  constantly shown its commitment to provide options for larger cups, so I hope they will expand their sizing range eventually. This is after all their first sports bra and it only came out last year. Now, Freya is also new on the sports bra market, but seeing that all of their three options only go up to an H, while two of them are available in a C cup and one in a B cup only confirms my impression that they are not that interested in the larger cup segment. And I guess that’s ok. As I stated recently, I no longer see Freya as a full busted brand, but as a generalist with a stronger focus on the D to G cup segment.

There are various reviews of the above-mentioned bras on the Internet. Now where do you go if you need a larger cup size?

Up to a HH: Not to be confused with the D+ Max Sports, the Shock Abosrber Max Support goes all the way to a HH, starting at a very tight 28 band, often seen on sale on ebay. Small 28s and 26s have had luck with this one.

Up to a J cup: If you wear a 34 back and up, you might want to try the Elomi Energise, a wired sports bra availabale up to a J cup in 34-38, up to a HH in 40 and up to an H in 42.

Up to a K cup: Royce’s Impact Free has been revamped and made available up to a K cup in early 2011. It’s been my staple ever since. Thank you so much, Royce, for offering my first proper sports bra! They certainly addressed an unmet need and for that, I applaud them! The reviews sometimes say that this bra is not as supportive as those in other brands. I wouldn’t know as most of those are not available to me, but I find the wide underband very effective and I love how high up it goes on the chest, covering all breast tissue. I also find it very comfortable and more attractive than most sports bras, especially in the grey marl colour. I must admit that I don’t do anything really high impact like running or horse-riding, but this works well for me for capoeira, boxing, yoga and dance classes. Like many sports bra, it doesn’t really separates the boobs. It gives good uplift and a roundish, minimised shape.

Finally, I’ve just tested the new Inspire Sports by Bravissimo. It is the first sports bra by Bravissimo’s own brand and once again it comes in an inclusive size range: 28 DD-J and 30-38 DD-K! I had never worn a sports bra with underwire before, but the way they are fully encased, they don’t cause any discomfort. I love, love, love the wide shoulder straps, but the adjustable part doesn’t stay in place. I might just end up sewing it at the right spot. The fabric provides good support and is soft and breathable. I find the cups to run a bit small, so if you are between sizes, I would advice to size up. (I got it in black though, it might be roomier in white). As far as the shape is concerned, it’s uplifted, a bit pointy and upfront. All in all, it’s a good bra, but the Royce might suit my needs better. I’ve only worn it once so far, so time will tell.

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3 Responses to Sports bras for H+ cups

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I wear an HH and need to buy sports bras, and all of the recommendations I see are for bras that aren’t big enough! You just made my life so much easier!

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