Is Freya a full bust brand?

I have mixed feelings about Freya. I’m a sucker for a cute print and they definitely produce some of the cutest print of the D+ world. Still, my focus is on the H+ segment and I feel like they are not very interested in that demographic. It took them three years longer than Panache to introduce K cup bras and while they have strong D-G cup customer base, I often read about some of their models not working as well in larger cup sizes. Anyway, while preparing a post on sports bra options for H+ cup, I realised that  out of the three sports bra in the Freya Active line, two were available in a C cup and one in a B cup, but all three of them only went up to an H.

That encouraged me to check the size range on their latest collections. First, my favourite the Ellie is available in a K cup, yeah! But… out of 15 ranges, only 6 are available up to a J cup, and only 4 up to a K cup, whereas 8 are available from a B cup, and 13 from a C cup!

At this stage, it could be argued that Freya is now a generalist brand offering lingerie from a B cup to a K cup (which is quite a large size range!), with a stronger focus on the D-G segment. What do you think?

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10 Responses to Is Freya a full bust brand?

  1. June says:

    I think I agree with you. I LOVE their Freya Active line (30GG/H seems to work well for me because they are tight in the back) but I’ve found less and less in their normal bras that I would buy. Part of my problem is, though, that being about a 28J, possibly 28HH in Freya means that I have very little options. Add to that that they seem to make a lot of a plunges and sheer cups in those styles, which don’t work well for my soft breasts so I haven’t thought about ordering a Freya bra for awhile now.

    I have fallen in love recently with Panache’s Cleo, which do come in my size and have really cute prints. I just wish that they’d have the padded styles in large cup sizes too.

    • astrid says:

      Cleo by Panache has cute stuff in great colours. I love that they now go up to a J cup and I’m just waiting for them to take it to the next level to Ks and KKs.
      The thing with Freya is that I wonder how many people are even aware that they make bras in a B cup. I had no idea until recently.

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  4. Sweets says:

    I too am loving Cleo by Panache. Freya made some of my first properly-fitting bras (RIP Pollyanna), but lately I’ve had trouble getting the fit, shape, and size range to line up perfectly for me. Cleo seems to fit more consistently across different styles and is more adventurous with the size ranges. I still regret not trying the Sadie longline bra when I had sizing issues with Freya’s Nieve longline. I think you’re right that Freya is trying to straddle all of the different customer bases (average-to-full-bust), but doesn’t quite have the balance right yet.

    • astrid says:

      I really want to try Cleo. I just hope they expand the size range a little. I heard some styles like the Chloe run large in the cup, though. So, I might still give it a shot…

  5. Anja says:

    Since I moved from 30G to 30GG in the last months I’m really disappointed with Freya Bras! They change very much from GG+. I’ve reat about this in some blogs (e.g. Bras I hate) but seeing it in real life – uuuh, I’m not sure I will buy a Freya Bra again. My first properly fitting bra was also the Pollyanna and I bought several Freya Bras in 30G that I loved (especially Pollyanna and Jolie) but last week I bought my first Cleo (Lucy in navy-pink, simply beautiful) and I also own Panache’s Arriza. Both manage to be stunning in GG+ as well but unfortunately the underwires dig into my armpits (I never had this problem with Freya). So neither Freya nor Panache are perfect for me and the search will continue.

    But I would agree – Freya isn’t a real full bust brand.

    • astrid says:

      I’ve read that before and I keep seeing pictures of women looking stunning in F-G cup Freya bras. Sadly, I never had a chance to try them while in that size range. Panache has been working on their wires to avoid digging in their new collection, so you might get lucky with them in the future.

  6. Heather says:

    Full busted refers to greater than D, whether your frame be a 28 or a 38 (or anything else for that matter). The majority of their bras are within a full busted size, and then they offer a little for either end of the spectrum.

    • astrid says:

      Well Freya has expanded their sports bra range up to a K since that post was first published, so maybe they are interested in the larger cup segment after all! Of course, “full-bust” refers to anything larger than a D. I didn’t make any comment about band size. My point was that Freya offers more options in straight sizes (D and under) than in larger cups (H and larger), which might come as a surprise based on the brand image.

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