The Elomi Caitlyn

Plus size girls have all the fun. Seriously. They get to wear Elomi bras! I’ve mentioned before that I was curious to try the Elomi Caitlyn. I’ve been wanting to get a full cup bra to wear under not too low-cut t-shirts in order to maximise support and minimise cleavage. I might have found it with the Elomi Caitlyn.

I wanted to get the bra in Truffle, as I thought (and still think) it would make a great nude. I happened to come across a cheap “nude” (as in beige) model in my size and ended up deciding it was worth getting it at this price to know how it fits. I’ve never owned a beige bra before, but to be fair to Elomi, their “nude” is not your run of the mill beige. It is sort of goldenish whith pink undertones. And as for the fit, it is great!

Now, I wouldn’t wear this bra to go for a run (not that I would go for a run in the first place!), but if I was heading for a medium impact sports session and I didn’t have a clean sports bra available, that’s the bra I would reach for. That is how supportive it is!

And in the much more likely event that I would spend a Sunday lounging around, I would also grab that bra. In fact, if I was to sleep in an underwired bra, I would choose this one. That is how comfy it is!

I’ve wrote recently about the difference between support and uplift. Considering that it is one the most supportive bras I own, I’m happy to report that it gives pretty decent uplift. In any case, it does a much better job in that department than most full cup bras I have tried in the past. It gives a lovely natural shape from the side, that is neither too round, nor too pointy. And something I hadn’t expected, but that might come in handy on occasion: it has a minimising effet. The only fault I can find with the Caitlyn is that it achieves this effect by spreading the breast tissue to the sides with wide underwires. So, despite the side support, it is quite widening from the front.

It is not the sexiest bra around (not what I was looking for), but I find it quite elegant in the right colour to suit your skin tone. I’ll stay on the lookout for a bargain, but I’ll be willing to pay full price for a replacement in Truffle (a rich brown) or Slate (a smart dark grey from the latest collection) when this one wears out, which I expect will take a long time, as the quality is superb.

As for sizing, I would recommand sizing down one cup, as the 34K perfectly fits my currently KK set. The band is true to size and was a good fit on the middle hook for me, which makes sense as I wear either a 34 or a 32.

The bra is available in a 34-36 E to K, 38-42 DD to K and 44-46 DD to HH.

Well done, Elomi!

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1 Response to The Elomi Caitlyn

  1. June says:

    I always regret not know about Elomi when I used to fit into their range. I really struggle finding practical, comfortable every day bras and it seems like that’s one thing they know how to provide.

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