My first BiuBiu order

My first BiuBiu order arrived earlier this week and I’m very happy with it! I had been considering for a long time ordering from this Polish clothes company that caters to women with a larger bust, but the sizing chart put me inbetween sizes and considering the delivery costs I wanted to make sure that I would keep the items.

I ended up going for two items on sale in the larger size: the Waikiki dress and the City cappucino shirt. My logic was that I intended to wear the Waikiki as a beach dress, so it didn’t matter if it was sightly baggy and I had read that it was advised to size up on the City shirts. Also, my hips are the smallest part of me and I was less concerned with them getting swamped in a shirt than in the Paris dress I’m drooling over.

With that in mind, I ordered on the 22nd of February. My order was released on the 23rd and it reached me on the 27th. So basically, I ordered on a Wednesday and got my items on the next Monday delivered by registered mail. That is super fast if you ask me!

Now, I’m no too keen on an empire waist, which I find unflattering on a larger chest and I don’t normally wear blue, so I mainly ordered the dress because it was on sale. Boy am I glad that I did! It fits beautifully over the chest and while there is some extra room in the middle, the fabric still lays flat both on the stomach and in the back, so it just makes the dress more comfortable. Finally the colours look even more vivid in real life, the pink, purple and green balancing perfectly the blue.

I’ve had more mixed results with the City shirt. I’ve tried it with two different bras, but in both cases the look was similar: the shoulders and back look fine; there is no gaping over the chest, but there is some straining, it is longish on my short torso and most notably it is a bit too big at the waist and clearly too big at the hips, creating the illusion of a flare. Still, it is perfectly wearable as is, and good value for money, although I will most likely use it under a jumper for the time being and I might have the waist and hips taken in a little by a seamstress. We’ll see. It is in large part due to personal preference, as I prefer a straight line to a flare.

In any case, I can definitely recommand BiuBiu and will order again, with a better idea of my size.

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2 Responses to My first BiuBiu order

  1. Darlene says:

    So glad to hear this. I want to see pics of you wearing these items!

  2. Thanks, Darlene! For various reasons, I’m still pondering wether I’m comfortable posting pictures of me on this blog or not. I can send you a pic privately though 😉

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