Sort of wishlist

Some have been around for a while and some are new. All of them are available up to a K cup at least. These are a few bras I’m curious to try.

Fantasie Florence in amethyst

I’ve been put off Fantasie a long time ago, by having to wear the Belle Bra and then trying the Cally. Looking at the brand offer now, I realise that although it has a slightly more mature vibe than the other Eveden’s labels, it has some much prettier and hopefully more supportive models than the Belle. Still, most bras available in a K cup are full cup. The Florence is kind of an exception, described as “full cup balcony bra” or as a balconette designed specifically for larger cups, it provides more coverage than a regular balconette, but is still more open on top than a typical full-cup bra. The two-tone black version is a bit too fussy for me, but this rich dark purple is grown up and elegant. Also, based on its construction, it should avoid the East-West effect of the Belle.

Elomi Caitlyn in truffle

I’ve never worn an Elomi bra, but having seen this set in the flesh, I’ve been impressed with the quality of the material. It is classical and full coverage, but because of the delicate fabric and subtle colour, it is not dowdy at all. And it has side support. Plus, I think it would make a great nude bra as an alternative to my Alana Mocha. The band starts at a 34, so not an option for everyone, but hey I’m lucky enough that I can fit both regular and plus sizes, so I should take advantage of this!

Ewa Michalak PL Bella

Now that one I know I shouldn’t get, but it is so cute! Plunge bras are not the best shape for me. But it is so cute. I never got used to padded cups, to the point that I hardly ever wear my Ewa Michalak PL Black, but it is so cute… Sigh. I wish Ewa Michalak produced J+ cup bras without padding, or at least some other shape than the PL bras, but the bras are good quality; the customer service is great; and some models are really cute. So I might just give up to tentation.

Anyway, I’m a Bravissimo and Panache girl first and foremost, so I’ve been thinking about the Loretta and Elsa sets ever since Bras I hate posted a picture some time ago. In my opinion, both sets manage to be classic and modern at the same time. The Loretta in particular has fantastic unusual embroidery. And as for the Elsa, I’m gaga over the high-waisted brief.

On the Bravissimo front, the Sherbet stripe is one of the few styles I’ve never had a chance to try for some reason. I missed out on previous season’ lovely bright pink, which makes me all the more eager to try the new colourway with a hint of orange.


Finally, I am in no need of swimwear, but I’m drooling over the Veronica line, by Panache. Seriously, I want both the swimsuit and the bikini! I love the retro glamour feel and the bright colour.

Now, I’d better start to make some savings.

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5 Responses to Sort of wishlist

  1. mrsfu says:

    Hi:) I like your wishlist. I’m discovering Fantasie now, I don’t like many of Freyas designs, Fantasie seems more grown up;))) I own PL Bella but my bust isn’t compatibile with plunges but I’m keeping this bra, it was like love at first sight:) Ewa Michalak will introduce new style of bra soon, designed specially for bigger bust. It will be padded but balconette.

  2. Sia says:

    I have tried the Sherbet Stripe. I love the colours it is so much fun but the lace on top of the cup comes up too far and will show over most of the tops I have. Also my boobs were almost pointing out to the side. I like my boobs close together with a nice little cleavage showing so I was a bit dissapointed with it.

    • astrid says:

      Thanks for the tip, Sia! Up until now, I have liked every Bravissimo bra I’ve had because of the upfront shape. I’m in the minority that I have no problem with pointiness, but the East-West thing is a no-no for me!

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