A brief history of the K cup

Seeing the current offer of K cup bras, it is difficult to believe that only 5 years ago, it was basically non heard of. Back in 2006, there were only a few bras available in a J cup and, to my knowledge, only Fantasie ventured in JJ cup territory with two bras, the Cally and the Belle… But in 2007, everything changed as Bravissimo introduced three styles going all the way to a K cup in their early spring catalogue.

Those bras were the already existing Tango Classic (the original trim was actually a bit different)

Tango Classic in black

and Tango II by Panache

Tango II in white

and brand new Kalyani’s Natural charm.

Natural charm in grey marl

The Tango classic came in black, white and nude; the Tango II in those continuity colours plus a seasonal apricot and the Natural charm was available in black, white, grey marl and a super cute white and pink stripes.

In the next couple of seasons, Panache proved itself a true champion of larger cups by introducing the Harmony and launching a cuter embroidered version of the Tango II, which came in ivory, sky blue (more of a greenish aqua) and a rich vibrant red.

Harmony in white

In the meanwhile, the Natural charm got a revamp, first in lemon and grey marl stripes, then in my favourite orange and hot pink stripes. Not only that, but the lovely people of Kalyani (now Faubourg 183), introduced the very first bikini in a K cup! This was still 2007…

Panache soon followed by expanding the size range of their Grace swimwear, first with the swimsuit going up to a K cup, and then the bikini. They also launched the Eliza bra around that time. In 2008, also in Panache superbra line, the Sienna and Confetti became available. Kalyany also kept up the good work with the Up Close  bra based on the same design as the Natural charm and a new bikini, the Cannes. While Panache and Kalyani kept offering more options to K cup women, other brands didn’t seem to notice.

Panache floral bikini (2009)

That is until the summer 2009, when a young brand with an inclusive size range entered the scene. I’m talking of course about Curvy Kate, which right from the start offered most of their styles all the way to a K cup. The same year, Bravissimo launched their own line with the Alana, which also went up to a K cup (it is now available up to an L cup). They went on to expand their range, with quite a few items going to a K cup, including some great bikini options in 2010. Then, finally, Freya took notice and started offering a few styles in a K cup.

Early 2011, Royce made its sports bra available in a K cup. The same year, Bravissimo launched a basque going up to a K cup and the first tankini in that size.. And Simply yours’ own brand, Naturally you, gave us the first strapless bra going up to that size (but starting only in a 34 band).

With Curvy Kate launching swimwear in 2012 and American label Claudette planning to offer K cup bras as soon as 2013, things are looking good! Now, if I could get  Fräulein Annie and Miss Mandalay to go large…

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5 Responses to A brief history of the K cup

  1. June says:

    Fascinating! Immediately after my daughter was born I was in a 40K briefly (although I’m not 100% if that was going by US or UK, which would make quite a difference!). I’m very thankful that they’re offering more and more sizes and I definitely agree… I wish Fraulein Annie would expand their size range because I often find myself drooling over their bras (although I might be able to go up a couple of back sizes and pull it off because I heard that they are very tight bands).

  2. Thanks. I would definitely give Fräulein Annie a try if I were you. Their stuff is gorgeous!

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