Les gros bonnets

“Les gros bonnets” is the French for “the big cups”, as in big cups bras. It also means “fat cats”, important people… This name was inspired by Campbell and Kate, which makes “CEO shirts for D E F women”. I liked the line and thought that “des chemises qui en imposent pour les gros bonnets” could be a decent adaptation in French.  I’m a French translator and copywriter, so this is the kind of things I do for a living. I’m also a lingerie enthusiast and I wear big cups bras. I’ve noticed a lot of positive change in the industry in the past few years, with manufacturers expanding their range to meet their clients’demands. This is what I want to talk about here, focusing on the H+ cup segment.

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4 Responses to Les gros bonnets

  1. Ms. Pris says:

    Hey, I am student of French! I’m glad you commented over at my blog.

    I love randomly translating things into French, I think it helps me keep my grasp on the language. I do it a lot with songs.

  2. astrid says:

    Thanks for commenting here!

  3. Aurè says:

    I stumbled upon Your Blog and …
    …it happens that I drawed Fat-Cats in a Satiric cartoon of mine.
    …it happens that I’m Aure’ the only Artist in the World that Love celebrating “Grosse Bonnets H+ / J+” in Art
    The Artist says: he Mass Media, the Fashion Houses says that only flat & skinny Women are O.K …even the Artists think that Busty Women dont worth being Star into Art.
    But, I’m figthing with my Artworks to say “Viva le Donne con le Curve, W the Joy of Busty Women even in ART!”
    …I thought to stopping in to say You “Hello” and Keep Up the Great Work!
    Hope to see interesting Posts soon…and maybe You’ll appreciate my Art.
    Salut de Sicilie/Ciao

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